BBC News: Thermal Phone Takes ‘Heat Selfies’

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones takes the world’s first ther…

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Cat® S60 Announced As World's First Smartphone With Integrated Thermal Camera

FLIR’s Lepton Thermal Microcamera Module Embedded into Cat Phone’s Rugged S…

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Cat® S50c Launches with Verizon Connectivity

Durable Smartphone Provides Dust-proof, Drop-proof, Waterproof, and Push-to…

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Building On Our Rugged Foundations 

For over 90 years Caterpillar Inc. has forged the way for durable, high quality products built to survive the challenges presented by tough environments. This rugged heritage is at the core of each of our Cat phones and accessories, all of which are designed to compliment the tough lifestyle you lead.

Whether you’re ploughing away on the farm, facing the challenges of working on a construction site or you simply lead an active lifestyle, we refuse to believe that being rugged means making a compromise. That’s why our phones combine high-end Android™ technology with tough military standard credentials, so you’re never caught short.

With a Cat phone in hand you never have to worry about your phone surviving the challenges of rugged life - because they are built to fit your lifestyle.