It's time for a smartphone that can survive more than a splash of water. The entire Cat phones range boasts waterproof credentials, with some Cat smartphones featuring extra innovations to make sure you get the most out of your phone even in wet conditions.

Our latest Cat phone - the Cat® S60 - is the world's most waterproof smartphone yet. Able to survive depths of up to five meters thanks to the introduction of our unique Lockdown Switch, you can use this incredible device worry-free, confident that it can withstand even the harshest environments.

Waterproof Smartphones for Rugged Environments

All devices within the <a href="/" title="Cat phones">Cat phones</a> portfolio of rugged phones are more than simply a little splash proof. Our most rugged smartphones - including the latest <a href="/phones/s40-smartphone" title="S40">Cat S40</a> and <a href="/phones/s60-smartphone" title="S60">Cat S60</a> models - are certified to the highest Ingress Protection rating available (IP68), meaning that they're waterproof to depths of at least 1M for 1 Hour. In fact, the Cat S60 goes a step further, continuing to function even when immersed in water up to depths of 5M for 1 hour.


Test the Limits With The Lockdown Switch

The element that makes the Cat S60's waterproof credentials truly spectacular is the Lockdown Switch - exclusive to Cat phones. Situated on the top and bottom of the device, when switched to the 5M mark the S60 seals off all audio ports* to ensure the smartphone is waterproof to depths of 5 meters. Even when set to 2 meters the <a href="/phones/s60-smartphone" title="S60">S60</a> is still the most waterproof Caterpillar phone currently on the market. <br/><br/> *When the Lockdown Switch is set to 5M you will be unable to use the audio functions on the device.


Innovations in Water Resistant Technology

Cat phones aren't just waterproof - they're specially designed to perform to high standards even in wet environments. The touchscreens on Cat smartphones come equipped with innovative wet finger tracking technology, meaning you can use the touchscreen as normal even when wet so it performs as expected come rain or shine. <br/><br/> With the <a href="/phones/s60-smartphone" title="S60">Cat S60</a> you can even practice underwater photography, using the hard keys to snap photos and video to depths of 5M.


A Worry-Free Smartphone in Wet Conditions

With Cat waterproof smartphones you can trust you're handling a phone that's fit for your lifestyle - from the daily commute to outdoor working. Able to survive underwater and built to perform even in wet conditions, the Cat phones range allows you to work and play without having to be concerned about putting your phone through its paces. <br/><br/> Whether it's an accidental spill, you've dropped your phone into a puddle or you want to enjoy a little sun, sea and sand without having to worry about the survival of your phone, the range of waterproof smartphones from <a href="/" title="Cat phones">Cat phones</a> is your answer to peace of mind.