Cat phones are the ideal phones for anyone working in construction. Whether you’re a builder, electrician, carpenter or plumber, a ruggedised Cat phone means you’ll never have to worry about damaging your mobile phone while on-site.

With IP67 ingress protection to keep out dust and debris, protection from drops of up to 1.8m, enhanced audio and great battery life, you can be confident that your phone will be as industrious and productive as you are.

Hand Picked Apps for Construction

Checkd AppSuite

The Must-Have App for Site Managers

A mobile solution for construction site managers, the Checkd App Suite is the perfect tool to help you organise your site, from floorplan drawings to equipment usage. Fill out forms and timesheets, create reports, control equipment lending and access and delegate floorplan drawings, all at the touch of a button.


Keep Your Workforce Safe

Make sure you've got peace of mind next time you send lone workers onto the construction site with this handy application. Employees can check in/out of locations and trigger a panic button to alert a pre-defined list of co-workers should they run into trouble. The app's hub management system allows you to address alerts in real time.

Power Bubble - Spirit Level

Turn Your Catphone into a Spirit Level

Stuck on site without a spirit level? Whip out this handy app to turn the in-built accelerometer on your phone into a reliable spirit level with numerical angles and orientation locking.

TuneIn Radio

Listen to Over 100,000 Stations from Your Phone

Lacking motivation during a long day on site? TuneIn Radio offers you the world's largest collection of radio stations straight from your pocket. Just click on the app and pick a station to listen to your favourite music/sports news/talk shows from your Cat phone.