When lives are on the line, clear and reliable communication is critical. With enhanced audio and extended battery life, not to mention class-leading rugged protection, Cat phones are the ideal devices for military and public safety workers.

Of course, while physical protection is important, protection from expensive repair and replace costs is also a primary concern for organisations which is why with IP67 and MIL SPEC certification, Cat phones offer a far greater lifecycle than standard handsets.

Hand Picked Apps for Defence and Public Safety

StaySafe Business

Keep Your Workforce Safe

The app that’s got your back, StaySafe Business offers a whole new level of lone worker protection to those working in higher risk environments. Employees can check in/out of appointments and even send out a location-based distress signal to a pre-defined list of co-workers if they encounter an accident so you can maintain peace of mind.

Zello PTT

Turn Your Catphone into a Walkie Talkie

Transform your Cat phone into a walkie talkie with this push-to-talk (PTT) real-time app. Perfect for jobs when you need to be able to communicate between teams fast and hassle-free, Zello PTT allows for private and public channels and always ensures a high quality sound.