prove the Cat® B15 will last the distance

German coach company Deinbus equipped their fleet with Cat phones Coach Travel with a Difference
In Germany, coach travel is becoming an increasingly popular (and wallet-friendly) alternative for travelling from A to B – and with added comforts! operate to a fixed schedule across Germany and are fast developing their offering across international borders. They help travelers enjoy the trip, not just the destination, by offering free Wi-Fi access, free books and magazines and operating an on-board drinks services for a low price.

The Challenge: Keeping Coach Drivers Across Germany in Contact
Operating to a fixed schedule to many compounds multiple times a day, it’s essential for drivers to remain in contact so they can run the most efficient service possible with least disruption to customers. By keeping in contact with each other and HQ, they can keep abreast of traffic jams and delays to run a more punctual service.

The Solution: Over 16 Hours Talk-Time Means You Won’t Lose Track’s coach drivers need a phone that won’t let them down. The Cat® B15 turned out to be the perfect fit thanks to its long battery life, offering over 16 hours talk time so their drivers needn’t worry about being able to get in touch with HQ between long stints on the road. The Cat® B15 also proved to be ideal by offering solid protection against drops on concrete or vibrations during the journey.