Dynamed Proves the Cat® B15 Doesn’t Crumble Under Stress

Dynamed utilises Cat Phones to manage healthcare logistics

Dynamed: Leader in Logistics for Health Care
Dynamed leads the way in software for logistics, transport and services in health care. It ensures that each patient’s hospital stay is comfortable, short and economical by streamlining the logistics in every day routines through a more process-orientated and dynamic approach.

The Challenge: A Phone That Won’t Break Under the Pressure of a Busy Hospital Ward
Dynamed aimed to assist hospitals in making their logistics more efficient – from bed management to food supply – by providing them with tools designed to meet the daily demands of their profession.

The Solution: Drop-Proof Protection and Dual SIM in the Cat® B15
Dynamed created its own Logbuch logistics platform, which coupled with the Cat® B15, created a powerful tool for day-to-day hospital facilities management. Logbuch would provide hospitals with access to a diverse platform that would suit their individual logistics needs, while the B15 fits in perfectly with the hospital environment, providing drop-proof and waterproof* protection in the stressful hospital ward. The Cat® B15 even boasts a dual SIM slot so healthcare professionals have a phone that can easily switch between work and personal use.

Axel Reintges, Country Manager for DACH at Bullitt Mobile Ltd, saw the potential for this unique collaboration: "Particularly in healthcare, where stress, time pressure and constant accessibility are a part of everyday life, we see a lot of potential for the Cat® B15".