Frequently Asked Questions

How do I perform a reset, when my screen is blank?
  1. The device has an embedded battery that can only be accessed by authorised personnel.
  2. To perform a reset Press & hold Volume up key and Power key for approx. 30 seconds, the phone will reboot in recovery mode.
  3. “Reboot device” will be highlighted. Press power key to select.
  4. Device will recycle power and should now perform as expected.
How do I resolve when Poor Sound Quality is experienced following immersion in water?

If the handset has been subject to immersion in water then the microphone and speaker will need to dry out for them to resume to normal functionality.

Place the device in an area where the microphone and speaker can dry out.

How do I find my IMEI Number?
  1. This can be found on the outside of the box that you received your phone in and makes up part of the device information label.
  2. If not available, Type into the device via the keyboard*#06# a pop up box will show the device IMEI.
  3. The IMEI can also be found in the “Settings” -> ‘Status’ menu.
How do I know there is a device update available, how do I check I have the latest software?

NOTE: When a new Firmware/Software is available, notifications are sent out to all CAT S50C devices.

On the home screen an Icon will show in the notification panel. When the icon appears you can drag down the notification panel and select.

To manually update.

  1. Go to “Settings” menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this screen, and select “About phone”
  3. Select the “System updates” option, your device will automatically search for an update.
  4. If an update is available select “OK” to begin the update.
  5. The device will check the battery charge level and may ask you to further charge, before completing the update.


How do I carry out a Factory reset on the device?

Note: Before performing this activity ensure you have backed up and secured your data.

  1. Go to “Settings” menu.
  2. Select “Backup & Reset”, select ‘Factory data reset’.
  3. Select “Reset phone”, and ‘Erase everything’.
  4. The device will then reboot.
How do I change the default SMS app?
  1. Go to Settings menu
  2. In the Wireless & Networks section tap “More”.
  3. On the next screen select “Default SMS app”
  4. A popup window will appear, where you can change the default SMS app.
  5. Note: the selected app will manage, receive and send all your text messages.
How do I enable/disable delivery report and read report for messages?
  1. Launch the Messaging app
  2. Within the app bring up the Settings menu
  3. Scroll down to “Text (SMS) messages” section
  4. Next to “Delivery reports” tick to enable/disable delivery reports for SMS
    Note: read reports are not available for SMS messages

  5. Scroll down to “Multimedia (MMS) Messages” section
  6. Next to “Read reports” and “Delivery reports” tick to enable/disable read and delivery reports for MMS 
How do I customise the Notifications, sound and vibration for incoming messages?
  1. Launch the “Messaging” app
  2. Within the app bring up the Settings menu. This is the 3 dots in the top right.
  3. Scroll down to “Notifications” section
  4. Next to “Notifications” tick to enable/disable notifications.
  5. Select the “Sound” menu to select required ringtone
  6. Next to “Vibrate” tick to enable/disable vibration for incoming messages.
How do I turn On/Off predictive text?
  1. Go to “Settings” menu
  2. Scroll down and select “Language & Input”
  3. Select the “Google Keyboard” option
  4. Scroll down and select “Text Correction” then select the level of correction that you prefer.
How do I enable/disable Bluetooth and connect Bluetooth tethering?

Note: Bluetooth tethering is subject to being included in your data package with your Network Operator.

On the device

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu and enable/disable “Bluetooth”. Use the toggle button to turn on –‘enable’ Bluetooth.
  2. Return to the “Settings” menu Select “More”
  3. Select “Tethering and Portable Hotspot”.
  4. Select “Bluetooth tethering”
  5. Return to the “Settings” main menu.
  6. Select “Bluetooth” again to make your device discoverable.


Next steps:

  1. Using your PC Bluetooth menu search for available/discoverable Bluetooth devices.
  2. Select your S50c device when it is recognized and connect to it.
  3. Drivers may auto install, once completed click on your device from the list of connected devices. Tethering is complete.
How do I pair to another Bluetooth device?
  1. Go to “Settings” menu and select ‘Bluetooth’
  2. Turn Bluetooth on/off by tapping the toggle button to the right of “Bluetooth”.
  3. The device will search for nearby devices.
  4. Select the device you wish to connect to in the list displayed.
  5. Confirm the passkey shown on your device and the device you want to pair with is the same and then select “Pair”.
How can I transfer data to another device via Bluetooth (for example an image)?
  1. Go to “Photos” menu.
  2. Select the folder that contains the file that you wish to transfer.
  3. Select the image that you intend to forward, select ‘Share’ icon at the bottom left of the page, select Bluetooth.
  4. Select the device to send to and send.
How do I copy contacts from the SIM card to the Device?
  1. Go to the “Contacts” menu
  2. Select the 3 dots in the top right corner, this is the “Menu”.
  3. Select “Import/Export”
  4. Select “Import from SIM card”.
  5. Select “All” checkbox then ‘OK’
How do I clear the cache and browser History?
  1. Launch “Chrome” application.
  2. Select the 3 dots in the top right corner. This is the “Menu”.
  3. Select “Settings”.
  4. Select “Privacy”.
  5. Please select “Clear Browsing data” at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Select the cache, Browsing history and any other you want to be clear and press the “Clear” option.
How can I back up data to my PC or to an external storage device?
  1. Connect the device to your PC using the provided USB cable.
  2. You will see a new notification on your device “window shade” or dropdown menu. It will state that your device is “Connected as a media device”
  3. You can tap this notification to select the USB computer connection type. Media device or “MTP” should be used to transfer files Go to the “Settings” menu on your device.
  4. Your PC will recognize the device and will list CAT S50C in the “portable devices” list. Once selected you will need to select Internal Storage or SD card to list out the folders stored on your device or SD card
  5. Click and hold or highlight the files that you wish to back-up/save and then drag them into the desired destination folder on the PC or storage device (separate drive) connected to your PC.
Why does the Device not make certain calls?

During use the device will not make calls for example to International numbers, Check if Fixed Dialing Numbers (FDN) is enabled:

  1. Launch the telephone Dialer application and select ‘Settings’ from the menu in the upper right corner (3 dots).
  2. Select “Call settings”
  3. Select Fixed Dialling Numbers (FDN)
  4. In this screen you can enable/Disable FDN, you will need to know the PIN2 code. You can also manage the list of FDN from this page.

Note: If you are still having a problem please contact your service provider to check your account or assist with the PIN2 information.

What is the Yellow button for and how do I use this?

This is a user programmable button that can be programmed in “Settings->Programmable Key. You will be able to choose from multiple options.

Note: If you have downloaded and installed the Verizon Wireless Push To Talk + application you will not be able to define/set your programmable key.

The key will bring up your PTT home screen from the Home screen.

Once in the PTT+ application the side key can be used to “alert” or speak to other people using the PTT+ application.

What does the Message please Insert SIM card indicate?
  1. Make sure that you have correctly inserted the SIM card – The SIM card port cover has an illustration of the required SIM card orientation. IMPORTANT NOTE – Do not insert the SD card to the SIM slot this may damage the SIM card reader contacts and the SIM card will not be able to be read. The device will need to be returned to the Service centre.
  2. If correctly fitted and the message is still displayed, please clean the contacts of the SIM card using a dry cloth.
  3. If still not being recognised please call your Network provider to ensure the SIM card has been enabled or to check if they have any further instructions.
What should I do if the device displays message “No Service” or “Emergency Call Only”?
  1. This will be displayed if there is no SIM card inserted. Please check to be sure a SIM card is inserted in the device.
  2. This may be displayed if you are in an area that is not covered by your Network provider, or if you are in an area of poor reception for example an enclosed area. No service will be displayed on your screen until the situation is resolved by relocating to an area of service.
  3. If this problem persists when in a known good service location, contact your Network provider to ensure there are no restrictions on service or your SIM services.
What do I need to do if “Enter PUK code” is displayed?
  1. Before attempting to input the PUK code, ensure that you have the correct code provided by your service provider.
  2. Following three consecutive failures to input the correct SIM card PIN code, the PIN code will be blocked and the request for the PUK code will be displayed.
  3. After ten unsuccessful attempts to input the PUK code, the SIM card will be permanently disabled.
  4. If the SIM card becomes permanently disabled you will need to contact your service provider to purchase a new SIM card.
What should I do when experiencing Reception Issues?
  1. When the device is used in the areas with poor signal, e.g. near the high buildings or in basements, the call quality may be affected adversely move to a more open area.
  2. When this device is used during a high call intensity period, like rush hour, call failure may be caused by network congestion. Please try placing the call again.
What do I do if I have Poor Sound Quality?

There are a number of contributing factors which can affect the audio performance of your device. It can be attributed to the environment the handset is used in, especially where there is background noise, traffic in a busy city environment or large shopping malls and airports

  1. If the handset has been subject to immersion in water then the microphone and speaker will need to dry out for them to resume to normal functionality.
  2. If the incoming call has been routed long distance and is being routed through a number of service provider telecom infrastructures. Please try placing the call again to see if your connection is better.
  3. Please ensure that the volume us set to the highest level, you can also use the MAXX Audio application on the device to adjust the sound levels for certain conditions.
What size microSD card does my phone support?

Your phone supports microSD cards with capacity up to 64GB, the microSD card must be in FAT32 format. Please use a computer to reformat from exFAT to FAT32.