Using Cat phones To #BeUnstoppable: The Law Enforcer’s Story

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here is the story of how Law Enforcement officers in Franklin County, Alabama, get value from their Cat® phones.

Patroling in remote areas of Franklin County means that sometimes officers may go for as long as 30 minutes without seeing a house, person or anything. In these isolated areas, it is crucial that officers are able to stay connected with their base and despatch. Regular portable radios let them down as they often can’t provide connection, leaving officers at risk.

Cat phones help officers stay connected and safe

The local sheriff country officers have been given Cat phones to help them out on patrol in wild, rural locations. For this they need a phone that is tough and rugged, and can survive constant use and drops. Above all, they also rely on a phone that lets officers stay connected no matter where they are.
Thanks to the Tango Tango system, which has been downloaded onto their Cat phones, the officers are able to stay connected with despatch at all times.

Watch the full story in the video below:


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