Robust and Reliable

The Cat S62 is engineered with a superior level of rugged protection in a pocket friendly design. If you work hard and play hard, the Cat S62 is tough enough to survive the drops, bumps and dings of the day to day while still providing the reliability that our customers expect from Caterpillar’s category-leading rugged credentials.

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IP68 & MIL-SPEC 810H




The pinnacle of innovation, functional design and rugged durability

Designed primarily for extreme work conditions, The Cat S62 is Non-Incendive protected; meeting stringent safety requirements for protection in hazardous working environments. Its Superbright 5.7″ display is also protected by scratch and shatter resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6 and optimized for outdoor use with wet-finger/glove-on working technology.

Essential work phone features

We know that for our Construction and Emergency Services users; reliable equipment can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why we combine military grade technology with lessons learned from those in the field. We also appreciate that for our Logistics users; device failure can result in huge amounts of wasted time, failure to hit targets and substantial loss of earnings. You can take the Cat S62 with you anywhere and everywhere. It’s built tough to help you thrive in challenging outdoor work situations and extreme leisure pursuits alike.

Deliberately designed & utterly dependable

We’ve added a fingerprint sensor, boosted the memory to 4GB RAM / 128 GB ROM and included a faster chipset and Android 10. Equipped with a 4000mAh battery that supports Qi Wireless Charging, Quick Charge 4.0 and POGO pins for quick power when and where you need it, the Cat S62 is the ultimate work phone.

Hygiene Plus – easy clean smartphones

In the hands of workers, from contractors to health care workers and farmers to delivery drivers, we know our devices can get dusty and dirty. Cat phones are extremely easy to clean with no need for additional cases which trap and accumulate germs. And in these times of hygiene vigilance, it’s even more important that our products can be repeatedly submerged and scrubbed with hot water and soap and withstand chemicals, bleaches and sanitizers; keeping you and others safe.

Tough doesn't mean ugly

Being able to take a kicking (drop, water and dust proof) and having the highest MILSPEC and IP protection ratings no longer means that phones need to be basic and ugly. Our latest smartphones also use the most advanced materials and machine finishes and are designed to be as stylish as they are rugged.

High Performance Display

Super bright 5.7-inch display is protected by scratch and shatter resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6 optimized for outdoor use with a touchscreen that works with wet-fingers or when wearing gloves. Covered by a 2-year comprehensive warranty for cracked screens and water damage.

Enterprise Ready

Because business never stops, the Cat S62 includes Android Enterprise support for major EMM solutions and a fingerprint sensor for enhanced security. It also features a yellow programmable key useful for Push To Talk or to easily turn the flashlight or launch an important app.