Laser Assisted Distance Measure

Estimate-level accuracy up to 8 metres


– Point-to-point measuring, up to 8 metres
– Add dimensions and area estimates to images
– Estimate the material needed for the job


The Measure app on the Cat® S61 uses the device’s in-built laser and rear camera to establish depth and calculate distances. It can be used to measure the distance from the device to a surface, and to estimate areas on that same surface. It can be used to calculate quotes or the materials needed for wall tiling, wallpapering or painting jobs, flooring or skirting board fitting, running piping or cable, or for preparing floor plans.The Measure app helps you to capture images on site that can then be used later to estimate sizes and dimensions. It’s a convenient way to take on-the-job measurement estimates, without a tape measure.

It’s the perfect tool for tradesmen, DIY enthusiasts, interior designers, estate agents or realtors, home insurance assessors, and many other professions.

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You can use the Measure app on the Cat S61 to measure distances with a tolerance of up to +/- 3%.
The app can be set to show either metric (metres and centimetres) or imperial (feet and inches) units of measure.

Measurement estimates are made using the device’s in-built laser and rear camera, so images are captured when measurements are taken. You can revisit a measurement taken earlier, and even take further measurements of the scene.


To maintain the accuracy of measurements, it is important that the laser/camera alignment of the Cat S61 is calibrated regularly. This will need to be done at first use and should be done frequently using the Measure app’s calibration process.

The calibration process is simple to complete. You’ll need to manually measure a height or distance using a tape measure and input that information. The app then takes a measurement over this known distance, allowing it to calibrate the laser/camera alignment against the known value. This is then used as the baseline for other measurements taken using the Measure app.

You will be automatically prompted to complete the calibration process the first time you start the Measure app on your Cat S61. You can then recalibrate whenever convenient by selecting Calibrate from the app menu.

For best results:
– Use a height or distance of at least 1 metre for the calibration process.
– Using the same height or distance for calibration repeatedly means you do not need to manually re-measure each time.
– It is advisable to recalibrate the Measure app whenever the S61 has been dropped of more than 1 metre / 3 feet.

Get the Cat® S61 smartphone to make your work easier. With an integrated thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality sensor, and laser assisted distance measurement, you can take on anything.