Cat® S41: Valuable Tool for Tomato Farming

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here’s how the Cat S41 smartphone with its rugged features is helping a tomato farmer successfully grow quality tomatoes for customers all year round.

Neno Kozole is a farmer in Croatia who grows tomatoes in large greenhouses. His job is pretty tough, especially during the summer, when humidity levels inside his greenhouses reach extremely high levels and temperatures can hit nearly 45°C. He relies on his phone to take calls, monitor weather conditions and the microclimate inside the greenhouses. With long working days, he needs a phone with a good battery life, which his Cat S41 delivers.

“I don’t really think about my Cat phone as a phone. I know I don’t need to worry about it. It has made so many things easier and I know I can rely on it in any situation and at any time.”

Rugged phones ideal for tomato farming

Neno’s job requires extremely strong and reliable phones. Rugged phones are an ideal choice, because they are most likely to survive accidental drops or kicks and can handle water.

As an IP69 rated and Mil-Spec 810G certified phone, his Cat S41 is both drop proof and waterproof and built rugged to handle the physicality and the long working days that Neno has to endure.

With a large operating temperature range from -25 to 55°C, the Cat S41 can easily survive the rapid changes in temperature going from the outside, ambient air temperature on the farm to the high humidity and temperature inside the greenhouses.

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