Cat® S48c Sweeps Across The U.S. As Consumers See The Benefits Of A Rugged Device

Newest member of the Cat® phones family now available to over 208 million subscribers around the country.


It’s been a busy few months for Cat® phones in the United States. Near the close of 2018 we announced an exciting new partnership with Sprint, the first U.S. mobile operator to bring the Cat® S48c to its customers. Shortly after Verizon followed, providing the Cat S48c for both its enterprise and consumer mobile users.  We are excited to announce the additional launch of 11 carriers to the Cat phones family, all of whom are eager to bring the Cat S48c to their customers around the country.

As mobile devices grow more technically sophisticated and, subsequently, more expensive, there has been a heightened interest in rugged handsets. Cat phone customers live and work in tough environments that often test mass market phones beyond their limits, leading to damaged hardware.  Frequent and costly repairs or replacements mean that customers spend much more money over the lifetime of their device than just the initial purchase price. The Cat S48c offers better value for money by reducing these additional costs and extending the useful life of the phone.

In fact, while hardware sales are down for manufacturers everywhere, the rugged device market is expected to balloon to $2.27 billion by 2023. These leading operators are responding to consumer demand to deliver the kind of device that can provide exceptional performance even in the most demanding environments.

With durability at its core, the Cat S48c’s heavy-duty rugged credentials including IP68 water and dust proof, MIL SPEC 810G and Non-incendive Class I, Division 2. These credentials ensure the Cat S48c smartphone can withstand drops, dust, vibration, extreme temperatures and some hazardous work environments 1. It can be submerged in up to four feet of water for 35 minutes, and its 13 MP camera can take underwater pictures on site, in the great outdoors or even on vacation. Boasting Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5, the Cat S48c is scratch proof, easy to see even in full sunlight and comes with its own screen protection guarantee.

Whether your work environment involves construction, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing or logistics, or whether you like to play in the great outdoors, the Cat S48c offers a range of capabilities and is now available from operators across the United States, or through

Carriers for the Cat S48c include Sprint, Verizon, Bluegrass Cellular, CellCom, Copper Valley Telecom, Northwest Missouri Cellular, Chat Mobility, Thumb Cellular, Chariton Valley, Custer Telephone Cooperative, Pioneer, Appalachian Wireless and Strata Networks.


IP68 dustproof and waterproof, tested in water up to 4 feet deep for 35 minutes; MIL-SPEC 810G and Built to survive repeated drops onto concrete from up to 6 feet. Non-incendive Class I, Division 2, Group A-D, T4 hazardous locations (areas where flammable gas or flammable vapor from liquid may be present)

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