Peoplesafe Lone Worker Protection Solution

Now available on Cat® rugged smartphones

The Peoplesafe app is now available on Cat phones’ full UK range of rugged smartphones via the integrated Toolbox catalogue, which aids customer discovery and easy installation of relevant apps and content.

Peoplesafe offers 24/7 emergency support at the touch of a button. The app also provides enhanced location information to help locate workers in remote locations, and includes fall detection capabilities to automatically raise an alarm.

Peoplesafe (formerly Skyguard and Guardian24) is an industry leading UK-based technology business, focused on providing and monitoring GPS personal safety alarms and applications for more than 150,000 at-risk and lone workers across both public and private sectors.


Immediate assistance to lone workers at the press of a button

The Peoplesafe app for Android is packed with high-tech features and can quickly turn any Cat rugged smartphone into an effective personal safety device.

Working in remote and dangerous environments, lone workers need a reliable means of communication in an emergency. Using the Peoplesafe smartphone app via a Cat phone combines military specification hardware that is designed to handle the toughest work conditions, with the UK’s leading lone worker service, including 24/7 emergency support from the Peoplesafe Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and what3words integration to pinpoint location more precisely than traditional GPS technology.

Workers using Cat phones are already taking advantage of smartphones with industry leading rugged credentials. Peoplesafe lone worker services offer them an additional layer of protection, providing peace of mind as they carry out their work, with instant support in case of emergency.

Sign up for a free trial of Peoplesafe lone worker safety service.

There’s no purchase necessary. Use it to establish whether Peoplesafe are the right choice for you, your lone workers and your organisation.

Why Cat phones are perfect for lone worker safety

Built rugged to survive

Cat phones are built rugged, perfect for construction sites, farms or extreme, outdoor environments – without compromising on design.

Our Corning® Gorilla® Glass screens are equipped with glove-on working and wet-finger tracking technology – so you don’t waste time fumbling to answer your phone.

The ultra-bright screen is perfect for when you’re trying to read your phone in direct sunlight.

The loud and high-quality audio will help when you’re working in noisy environments.

Combined with a long-lasting battery, you can depend on your Cat phone in even the toughest situations.

Dust proof

Dust proof phones are ideal devices which continue to work even when exposed to very dusty or sandy environments and similar industrial environments.

Today’s best dust proof phones are officially dust resistant certified and are tough enough to handle all the elements, including salt mist spray, salt fog or sand.

Dust proof smartphones are designed to meet Military Defense Specifications (Mil-Spec) for protection against dust, as well as shock, water, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Phones are officially recognised for their level of defense against dust using the Ingress Protection (IP) rating system. This rating will help you work out a phone’s dust resistance.

Waterproof and Hygienic

The touchscreens on Cat smartphones are equipped with innovative wet finger tracking technology, meaning you can use the screen as normal even when wet.

All rugged Cat phones are more than simply a little splash proof. They’re specially designed to perform to high standards even in wet environments. You can use them without worry in the rain and know they’ll survive a fall into water.

All our phones can be cleaned easily, at the same time as you wash your hands. Simply submerge it entirely in hot water, lather the phone itself with a sponge or brush in warm soapy water and then rinse it under the tap.

If your phone is in need of a deeper clean, it has been tested to survive. Without any concerns, you can generously apply and wipe all external surfaces with hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial sprays and alcohol wipes.

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