Advanced Screen Technology from Cat® Phones

Glove-on operation, wet-finger tracking, super-bright displays: as part of the Did You Know? blog series, we explore the benefits of Cat® phones’ beyond-rugged screens.

Whether you’re a tradesperson exposing your smartphone to dust, water, knocks and drops on a building site, or an adventurer who needs a device that can withstand the elements, a high-impact job or lifestyle can really put your phone’s screen through its paces.

One of the main benefits of choosing a tough phone is never having to worry about screen repair or replacement. But, did you know that rugged Cat® smartphones are also equipped with advanced screen technology, for hassle-free operation when you need it most?

From super-bright displays right through to screens you can use with wet fingers or even with gloves on, robust smartphones from Cat phones are built to help you get the job done – no matter what.


Stay connected with glove-on technology

In-built glove-on technology means your phone’s touchscreen stays responsive when you’re wearing gloves. You can use your apps, make and receive calls, take photos and videos and access crucial information when you’re covered up to face the elements, or if you need to wear safety gloves at work.

It even works with heavy-duty gloves of up to a thickness of 3.5mm, so it’s ideal for use on construction, manufacturing and industrial sites (making sure you never breach any health & safety regulations about wearing protective gloves on the job).

It’s also popular with farmers, landscapers, bikers, and anyone else regularly spending time outdoors, like gardeners or DIYers.

Ultimately, glove-on technology keeps you connected and saves you valuable time. No more fumbling around to take off your gloves before you can use your smartphone – just instant access in all conditions.

Take on the elements with wet-finger tracking

All smartphones from Cat phones also offer wet-finger tracking as standard. Wet-touch technology means your screen stays operational when your hands are wet, or even when your device itself is drenched in water.

Rain, snow and other wet and extreme conditions are no match for your smartphone’s screen; keeping you connected wherever you are, whatever the weather.


Super-bright screens in any conditions

With a range of High Definition (HD) and FHD (Full High Definition) displays, all rugged smartphones from Cat phones boast ultra-bright screens. This means they’re easy to read, even in the brightest direct sunlight.

If work or play means you spend a lot of time outdoors, this could be a game changer. Mountain climbers, roofers, farmers and construction workers are amongst those who could benefit from easy-to-read screens, and 58% of Cat phones customers have told us that they see this as an essential feature.

Intense glare? No problem. Text stays crisp, and images and video stay sharp, with super-bright screen sizes ranging from 4.7” to 5.2”.

Shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and drop-proof phones


Beyond-rugged smartphones from Cat phones are engineered to last, and their screens are no exception. Each and every one is fitted with chemically strengthened Corning® Gorilla® Glass, for a shatter-proof, scratch-resistant, drop proof screen that’s tough enough to survive heavy-duty impacts.

In fact, all smartphones from Cat phones are drop-tested on concrete up to 1.8m (6ft), for durable performance you can rely. For even greater protection, they also include a factory-fitted screen protector as standard.


Tougher, all-purpose screens

Looking for scratch-resistant, shatter-proof screens that can do more? Browse the impressive smartphones range from Cat phones.

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