Mobilise your solar field engineers

Give your team the next-gen solar mobile solution with an integrated thermal camera and powerful data management tools.

Above’s EyeSite mobile app combined with the Cat S62 Pro smartphone helps solar technicians work safer and more efficiently. Using one device to conduct thermal and visual inspections, complete remedial tasks, and upload reports.

The rapid growth of the solar industry has created huge challenges for teams managing and maintaining solar plants.

Solar companies are challenged with the costs of maintaining ageing assets, whilst portfolios become larger and more complex. The management of these solar plants demands many preventative activities, carried out at regular intervals, often using expensive equipment.

Valuable time is spent on manual data processing and report creation. The impacts are numerous: lower productivity, higher operating costs, and more safety issues. 

Solar asset managers need increased visibility and better insights that can be acted upon.

“Around 80% of the OPEX for solar plants are personnel and site visits”

An all-in-one mobile solution to optimise solar inspections and increase safety.

Utilise the Cat S62 Pro thermal imaging capabilities and the EyeSite mobile app to inspect solar components for safety risks and performance issues. The combined solution reduces manual data entry and technical training needs.

Use EyeSite to generate inspection reports whilst on the site, eliminating manual data uploads and report creation. Capture thermal imagery, visual imagery, observations, serial numbers, and location data with one tool. Our solution empowers solar companies to capture the right information more efficiently and reduce time spent on data management after a plant visit. 

Give your solar team the tools to improve operations

3 Year Warranty included, free of charge.

Discover what makes the Cat S62 Pro perfect for your team

Not all phones are created equal

Rugged Design

IP68 & IP69, repeatedly drop tested to 1.8m, dust proof, as well as resistant to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures. 

Extended Battery Life

Equipped with a large, optimised battery with up to two days general use.

Thermal Camera

Instant access to professional-grade thermal image capture, so you can diagnose issues on site.

O&M Operator Compliant

Can be used in conjunction with other reporting requirements currently in use by the O&M operator 

The powerful EyeSite mobile app provides you with the ability to

Work safer

Thermal camera so you can spot electrical safety risks as well as report them

Increase productivity

Create and conduct full inspection reports using one device

Locate component data faster

Access a solar plant map with all components & data precisely recorded by location

Scan serial numbers

Record serial numbers to the exact component and connect with inspection data 

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What can the Cat S62 Pro help to detect?

Slight overheating on the positive terminal of the main outgoing DC on combiner box 1.5

DC Combiner Box Failure

Components that could fail due to improper installation, poor design or build quality that may be detected from a thermographic inspection are items such as;

  • DC Cable Terminations
  • Connection Lugs
  • Cables
  • String Fuses
  • String Fuse Holders
  • String Cables
  • String Cable Terminations (MC4 Connectors)

System Components that require annual thermographic inspections

  • HV Transformers
  • HV Switch Gear
  • LV AC Combiner Boxes
  • DC Combiner Boxes
  • PV Modules

Other Misc. Items:

  • DC Cable MC4 Terminations
  • General Electrical Cabling
  • Monitoring System UPS banks

Slight overheating on the negative terminal on input 2 on Inverter 4