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The durable Cat® S41 attracts the wine sector

The long battery life, drop and water resistance of the Cat S41 smartphone are valuable to professionals in the wine sector. The incorporation of advanced technological services in the wine sector has helped to improve performance and make work in these environments more agile and fruitful.

The Cat S41 smartphone in use in a winery | Cat phones

Why the Cat® S61 is the Perfect Choice for a Domestic Plumber

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here’s how the rugged Cat® S61 smartphone with its unique thermal imaging camera and laser assisted distance measure, helps Anthony Crossman, a domestic plumber from England, do his daily job more effectively. “This [Cat S61] is the best phone on the market for a tradesman.” Watch Anthony’s full story below: As… Read more »


Why the Cat® S61 is a Clear Choice for Architect

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here’s how the Cat® S61 smartphone serves as the perfect tool for Daniel Cantrell, an architect and keen water sports enthusiast from Dorset, England. As all his kit needs to be tough and durable to help him do his daily job, Daniel expects the same from his phone. Waterproof features are... Read more »



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