Cat S61 Upgrade to Android™ 9 – Help and Support

We understand that during the scheduled update to Android™ 9 there are a limited number of customers who have experienced issues with performance, calls or native applications installed on the device. Please follow the articles on this page to troubleshoot an issue. Our software engineers are working around the clock to get your Cat S61 working as normal. 

We are very sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused during this update.

If you have any questions that this page does not answer, please contact support.

Issues with FLIR® Thermal Imaging Camera

Some users who have upgraded to Android 9 have experienced some issues with the FLIR thermal imaging camera not displaying the correct temperatures.

If you have experienced this issue, please follow the steps below in order to have your FLIR Camera in full working order.


Ensure you have backed up all your phone data first.

Hold down the FLIR icon from your home screen or main menu and select ‘App Info’.

Select ‘Permissions’ and ensure that all permissions are enabled.

Press the back arrow to return to the previous menu and select ‘Storage’.

Select ‘Clear Cache’ and exit the App Info menu.

Open the FLIR app and continue to use as normal.

Issues with Call Connectivity and 4G Data

Some users who have upgraded to Android 9 have experienced issues with call connectivity and 4G data connectivity.

Our engineers are working hard to fix this fault as quickly as possible. For call connectivity, this can be fixed by switching to 2G in ‘Network Settings’ and using WiFi for data connectivity. The issue with call connectivity may be worsened in low signal areas.

If you have been affected by this issue and need further assistance, please contact support.





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