How can I back up data to an external storage device (SD card)?

1. Go to File Manager and press “OK”
2. Ensure the device has a viable and formatted SD card installed.
3. In the File Manager screen, choose “Phone” option, in this example choose “Photos”.
4. Press Options and open.
5. Scroll to the image to be backed up, press options scroll down to “Mark several” and press select.
6. Scroll down and press “Copy Marked”, the file(s) to be backed up will be available with a tick box, press select on the file to be saved. Press Options and then “Done”.
7. The screen will now show two options, Phone and Memory card, choose Memory card.
8. Folders on the SD Memory card will be visible, select the desired location. Press Options and then select. A pop-up box will appear, “COPIED” will be displayed.