On the MyFLIR APP what is MSX Alignment and Alpha blending?

1. MSX Alignment is Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging or MSX, this incorporates real-time thermal video enhanced with visible spectrum definition, using both the thermal camera and the normal camera enriching the definition of the image for both video and still shots. Essentially, it merges the visible and thermal cameras to give better definition to the thermal image. With the Cat S62 Pro this is adjustable the when selecting the 2nd icon from the left and them MSX in the FLIR camera App there is a slide to allow you to select the best image.

2. Alpha Blending is new to the Cat S60 range on the Cat S62 when in the FLIR camera App, again select the 2nd icon from the left then select the icon to the right of the MSX option, again you can adjust this using the slider. The image can be manipulated to allow you to select the image you desire.