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Cat Phones: A Tool for Every Trade

With the addition of the Cat S61 smartphone, the hat-trick of innovative products in our smartphone range is complete; with the Cat S31, Cat S41 and now the Cat S61. Sure, these phones are not for everyone. But if you work in tough environments, in a trade, as an engineer, a mechanic, farmer or first… Read more »


The UK’s Hottest Jobs

The UK is currently experiencing the hottest summer for decades, but most of us, fortunately, can escape the soaring temperatures. According to the Office of National Statistics, about 50% of us work in offices with air con or ventilation. But for some, the current heatwave means they’re working in temperatures normally only found in some… Read more »


Get More from the Cat® S61 and Its Features

As the upgrade to the Cat S60, the Cat S61 smartphone comes with two great new features and additional thermal imaging functionality. If you’re new to Cat phones or just want to better understand the Cat S61 features, we have created a series of videos to help you get started. They cover the Indoor Air… Read more »



Built to take on whatever life throws at you, the Cat S61 smartphone features integrated indoor air quality monitoring technology to help you work smarter and more safely every day. Its inbuilt environmental sensor and brand-new Air app instantly let you know when indoor air pollutants (or VOCs) around you hit unhealthy levels. The result?… Read more »


Using Cat phones to #BeUnstoppable: Heather’s Story

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here is Heather’s story about how she values the thermal imaging camera of her Cat S60. In Azle, Texas, we met with Heather Mayer, of Mayers Materials, who runs a composting and soil manufacturing company. In her own words, Heather describes the business as pretty ‘dirty’ with ‘lots of heavy… Read more »


Using Cat phones to #BeUnstoppable: The Marine’s Story

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here is Jeff’s view on the value of thermal imaging in a combat environment. In Goldsboro, North Carolina, we met with Jeff Stewart, who had served for almost four years in the marine corps and spent time in Iraq. Recalling the environment he used to work in, he remembers specifically… Read more »



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