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Why You Should Upgrade to the Cat® S61

What’s all the fuss about the Cat® S61? Well, this smartphone is truly unique. With laser assisted distance measurement, a thermal camera and an indoor air quality monitor all built in, this is the essential tool for every trade. If you’re a Cat S60 owner using thermal imaging to help locate and diagnose issues with… Read more »


Why the Cat® S61 is the Perfect Choice for a Domestic Plumber

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here’s how the rugged Cat® S61 smartphone with its unique thermal imaging camera and laser assisted distance measure, helps Anthony Crossman, a domestic plumber from England, do his daily job more effectively. “This [Cat S61] is the best phone on the market for a tradesman.” Watch Anthony’s full story below: As… Read more »


Why the Cat® S61 is a Clear Choice for Architect

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here’s how the Cat® S61 smartphone serves as the perfect tool for Daniel Cantrell, an architect and keen water sports enthusiast from Dorset, England. As all his kit needs to be tough and durable to help him do his daily job, Daniel expects the same from his phone. Waterproof features are… Read more »


The Cat® S41 is A Winner For Kite Racing Champion

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here’s why the Cat® S41 is the best rugged phone on the market for five-time Kite Racing World Champion Steph Bridge. “There is not a phone on the market that is more suited to me than the Cat S41.” In the hands of Steph, her Cat S41 has to endure wet… Read more »



Name: Matt Newell Job: Beekeeper Age: 28 Hazards of the job: Bee stings! Favourite App: BeeBook, a hive database. Open Office to keep Excel spreadsheets up to date on the go, the Met Office forecasting app, and the thermal imaging camera. Phone for the job: My Cat s60. I use the thermal imaging function every day to locate swarms hidden in trees, nests behind… Read more »


Cat Phones: A Tool for Every Trade

With the addition of the Cat S61 smartphone, the hat-trick of innovative products in our smartphone range is complete; with the Cat S31, Cat S41 and now the Cat S61. Sure, these phones are not for everyone. But if you work in tough environments, in a trade, as an engineer, a mechanic, farmer or first… Read more »


The UK’s Hottest Jobs

The UK is currently experiencing the hottest summer for decades, but most of us, fortunately, can escape the soaring temperatures. According to the Office of National Statistics, about 50% of us work in offices with air con or ventilation. But for some, the current heatwave means they’re working in temperatures normally only found in some… Read more »


Get More from the Cat® S61 and Its Features

As the upgrade to the Cat S60, the Cat S61 smartphone comes with two great new features and additional thermal imaging functionality. If you’re new to Cat phones or just want to better understand the Cat S61 features, we have created a series of videos to help you get started. They cover the Indoor Air… Read more »



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