Cat® S61 Saves Time and Makes Job Easier

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here’s how the Cat S61 smartphone, with its rugged features and thermal imaging camera, is helping mechanic and road-assistance services manager do his job faster.

“This Cat phone has all the tools to make my job faster. I would recommend it to all my colleagues.”

Marin Deur is an owner of an auto panel-beating, varnishing and road-assistance services in Croatia. He works long hours in his workshop fixing vehicles and has to be ready at a moment’s notice to attend call-outs.

He relies on his phone to attend call-outs, withstand oil, dirt, dust, water and accidental drops in his workshop. With long working days, he needs a phone with a good battery life, and the additional thermal imaging feature is particularly useful during his road assistance duties.

Cat phones are the ideal choice

Marin’s job requires extremely tough and reliable phones. Rugged phones from Cat phones are an ideal choice, because they are most likely to survive knocks, drops, oil and water and all the other common hazards in a busy mechanic’s workshop.

The practical feature of the indoor air quality monitor is really useful to alert Marin when the air quality is very poor in the workshop, which often happens in winter when they work with the doors closed and car engines running.

The additional thermal imaging camera feature helps to identify the risk of a fire from damaged wiring when he recovers abandoned cars or vehicles involved in a road accident.

Discover the Cat phones range and how it could benefit your job.

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