We make products that are strong and practical. We make innovative, tough devices that won’t let you down in tough situations. Durability is at the heart of every Cat® product, whether it be a multi-terrain loader or a pair of workboots. Cat phones are no exception.


The birth of the Caterpillar brand dates back to 1904, when an inventor named Benjamin Holt made the first crawler-type tractor to cultivate soggy Californian farmland. Word spread and soon his business flourished. In 1925, his company merged with that of his main competitor, Daniel Best: Caterpillar Tractor Company was then formed. Learn more about the legacy at www.cat.com or www.caterpillar.com.


Since 2012 Bullitt Mobile Ltd has held the global license for phones and accessories for Caterpillar Inc., today our phones are sold in over 75 countries. Our aim? To make products that work superbly, use the very latest tech and – above all – never, ever let you down. What you’ll find on this site is a range of rugged phones that reflect our no-nonsense heritage. They’ve been tested to the max. Use them and abuse them – they can take it.


Bullitt’s commitment to CSR is based on a number of values:


  • To act as a responsible company
  • To encourage and develop environmentally sustainable processes
  • To measure the company’s environmental and social impact
  • To respect the interests of our stakeholders, our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and the wider community


We provide innovative and sustainable solutions to new and existing customers, we actively seek opportunities both to improve the environment and to contribute to the well being of the communities in which we do business. Striving for this balance is an integral part of everything we do.

We define sustainability as the enhancement of environmental, health and safety, social and ethical performance through our business activities, employee actions, and community engagement.

We continue to monitor our manufacturers to ensure that they do not use child or forced labour or purchase supplies from organisations that use child or forced labour or conflict minerals.

CSR Annual Report available here.