Cat® S60 Everyday Heroes: Planning Engineer

Planning Engineer William Harding Blackman Jr. says the Cat S60 thermal imaging smartphone is now his all-in-one go-to device. Combining thermal imaging and underwater cameras in one smartphone, the S60 is bringing about the next evolution in mobile technology.

William works for a local contractor in Nashville as a layout engineer, translating architectural instructional data from plans to the job site. He finds the Cat S60 an ideal solution for the construction site as an all-in-one go-to device that can provide him with vital information to make his site more efficient. It’s a no fuss, no-nonsense smartphone that he can easily use with gloves and with the confidence that it can survive rugged environments. He says:

“[…] since I have been using the Cat phone, which has integrated thermal imaging, it’s made my carrying load so much lighter, it is all my devices in one.”

“By having this integrated technology in my hand on the job site, I don’t have to go anywhere else to get answers, I can take it out of my jacket and use it immediately. The smartphone further has the technology where I can use all those devices in one, and input the data immediately on site, it saves time, money, efficiency and man-power.”

Check out his video below, and see more on our Everyday Heroes page.