HUNTINGTON, US, May 26th, 2016 – Cat® phones today revealed the suite of thermal imaging features that will come as part of its new flagship product, the Cat S60; the world’s first smartphone with an integrated thermal camera. Cat phones is also announcing that it will release an SDK as it steps up its launch preparations, to allow the developer community to bring thermal capabilities to relevant apps.

The embedded Lepton thermal microcamera module, powered by FLIR, visualizes heat that is invisible to the naked eye, highlighting temperature contrasts, and is accessed on the S60 via the specially designed MyFLIR thermal camera Android™ app. Key features include:

  • Capture still thermal images, video, panoramas, and time lapses
  • Images and videos are enhanced with FLIR’s multi-spectral dynamic imaging technology (MSX) that embosses digital camera image data onto the thermal image to provide context and clarity
  • Swipe between thermal and the corresponding visual spectrum saved images, making it easier to understand the thermal image
  • Apply up to three movable spot meters and a fixed region of interest to read temperature data directly off the live image feed, or from saved images
  • Switch between nine thermal color palettes that visualize surface temperature contrasts differently, including modes to highlight just the highest and lowest temperature areas in the frame
  • Select from four pre-set emissivity values and set custom temperature scales for thermal images
  • Export radiometric JPEG images to apps including FLIR Tools, available for free, which offers additional image editing and analysis tools, temperature visualizations, and PDF reporting
  • Can spot heat sources up to 100ft away, as well as seeing through obscurants like smoke.

Having a thermal camera integrated into the rugged mobile device will provide endless time saving efficiencies from on-the-job report generation to email integration. Only having to carry one device around that has all the capabilities of a high end smartphone, plus can pick up heat and measure surface temperatures, will enable a huge range of use cases for building professionals, utility workers, emergency first responders and gadget lovers to name but a few.

An SDK will be available to developers, by application via the Cat phones and FLIR websites in late June 2016. This toolset will enable developers to bring thermal imaging capabilities to custom business apps and other innovative utility apps, directly invoking the S60’s thermal camera within their user experience.

“We’ve already had a lot of interest in our SDK, and we’re hugely excited to see what use cases developers want to build apps for and what problems they see thermal imaging helping to solve. With FLIR, we want to support developers looking to build high quality apps that will help to make the most of the S60’s integrated thermal camera and make it a powerful tool for even more users,” said Tim Shepherd, Head of Applications for Cat phones.

The Cat S60 will be available for pre-order in Europe in early June 2016 via, with the US to follow in July.