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Why You Need A Cat Phone On Your Sailing Adventures

When you are in the hands of the elements, it’s critical that your equipment is up to the job. The crew onboard is a family. Each member plays an important role to keep everyone else safe and happy. Having the right, reliable equipment onboard is just as essential. So, have you considered the role your… Read more »


What It Takes To #BeUnstoppable

  Follow our crew behind the scenes of our latest product shoot. An excitable and somewhat apprehensive rugged trio gathered at Heathrow Terminal 5 laden with an impressive array of Cat® branded apparel that could be sighted from space. The unstoppable escapades had begun… Day 1: Thursday 20th July Early start at 5am, we make our… Read more »


Flying Horses Across The Atlantic

Flying horses around the world is a serious business, particularly when those horses can be worth several million dollars each. If you were a wealthy race horse owner from the Middle East and had just bought a prized stallion from the US, you’d want to know it’s travelling in safe hands. That’s where flying grooms,… Read more »


The Guy Who Chooses to Live in a Tent

Samuel Rostol has taken on a unique challenge – to spend a year living in a tent in Sweden. He uses his Cat ® S40 to stay connected in some pretty tough living conditions. Job title: Post-graduate nursing student at Gothenburg University Age: 32 Hazards of the job: Snow, rain, cold Favorite app: Geocaching Current… Read more »


The Bridge Family: Meet the Family of Champions

It’s fair to say the Bridges are not your average family. Between Mom, Olly, 18, Guy, 16 and Tom, 15, the kiteboarding family have notched up five world championship titles, 8 youth world titles, 6 European championships and 4 national championships. And then there’s dad, who runs the kiteboarding school, Edge Watersports. At the center… Read more »



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