Dustproof mobile phones are ideal devices built to handle exposure to very dusty or sandy environments and similar industrial environments without compromising performance.


What does it mean to be a dustproof phone?
Today’s best dust proof phones are officially dust resistant certified and are tough enough to handle sawdust, chalk dust and all the elements, including salt mist spray, salt fog or sand.

Dustproof smartphones are designed to meet Military Defense Specifications (Mil-Spec) for protection against dust, as well as shock, water, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Phones are officially recognised for their level of defense against dust using the Ingress Protection (IP) rating system. The IP rating of your phone will help you work out its dust resistance.


The features of a dust proof Cat® phone




Cat® phones offer a range of smartphones and mobiles made to be dust proof, rugged and built to survive.

The design and rugged features of the Cat S48c, Cat S61, Cat S41, and Cat S31 are all IP68 certified, which means they offer the highest level of protection against dust.


If you need a dust proof certified phone, choose from our range of rugged dust proof phones.

The Cat® S48c is built for your day. Whether it's on the job or enjoying the outdoors, this phone is built with the same durability you would expect from Cat equipment. It can withstand drops, dust, and can even be submerged in water. With a tough screen and long battery life, it will get you through your day.

If you are a Verizon Business or Enterprise customer, you can call 1-800-467-1932 to check current business handset pricing.

Get the Cat® S61 smartphone to make your work easier. With an integrated thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality sensor, and laser assisted distance measurement, you can take on anything.

Save the day with the new Cat S41. The rugged smartphone with so much battery power - it can charge other devices and accessories with its Battery Share feature. Built to handle the extreme conditions you face every day at work and play - drop it, dunk it or even forget to charge it, the Cat S41 will keep on working for you.