Tough Phones Inside and Out

Designed to support rugged lifestyles and survive tough and challenging environments

Built rugged to survive

Cat® phones are built rugged, perfect for construction sites, farms or extreme, outdoor environments – without compromising on design.

Our Corning® Gorilla® Glass screens are equipped with glove-on working and wet-finger tracking technology – so you don’t waste time fumbling to answer your phone.

The ultra-bright screen is perfect for when you’re trying to read your phone in direct sunlight.

The loud and high-quality audio will help when you’re working in noisy environments.

Combined with a long-lasting battery, you can depend on your Cat phone in even the toughest situations.


Drop-proof, dust proof and shockproof.

Made to military specification

Drop-proof, dust proof and shockproof, these rugged smartphones are made out of tough stuff so you can work worry-free. Cat phones are built to Military Defence Specification.

Drop proof

If you value a drop proof phone, you need a rugged device that can handle big drops.

You can forget the frustrations of usability problems that damage can cause, thanks to a range of drop proof mobiles and smartphones from Cat® phones.

The phone drop test is an industry standard way to measure how drop proof a phone is.

All Cat phones, including the Cat S62 Pro, are drop tested onto concrete from up to 1.8m (6ft) to prove their rugged credentials.

Dust proof

Dust proof phones are ideal devices which continue to work even when exposed to very dusty or sandy environments and similar industrial environments.

Today’s best dust proof phones are officially dust resistant certified and are tough enough to handle all the elements, including salt mist spray, salt fog or sand.

Dust proof smartphones are designed to meet Military Defense Specifications (Mil-Spec) for protection against dust, as well as shock, water, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Phones are officially recognised for their level of defense against dust using the Ingress Protection (IP) rating system. This rating will help you work out a phone’s dust resistance.

IP ratings

Waterproof phones are built to survive even the wettest conditions. The industry standard Ingress Protection (IP) rating system proves your phone can handle not just a brief dunk in water but also complete submersion. Look for IP68 and IP69 waterproof phones to find the most reliable mobile phone to use in the water or in the rain.

Our most waterproof smartphones – including the Cat S62 Pro, Cat S42, Cat S52 and Cat S61 models – are IP68 certified. The Cat S62 Pro, Cat S42 and Cat S61 are also IP69 certified and protected against close-range high pressure and high temperature water jets.

Don’t just settle for a splash proof phone, when you can have a truly waterproof device.

IP68 Rating

Protected from total dust ingress and long term immersion up to a specified pressure.

Water proof phones

The touchscreens on Cat smartphones are equipped with innovative wet finger tracking technology, meaning you can use the screen as normal even when wet.

All rugged Cat phones are more than simply a little splash proof. They’re specially designed to perform to high standards even in wet environments. You can use them without worry in the rain and know they’ll survive a fall into water.