We pride ourselves on the robustness of our rugged devices and as a commitment to all our valued customers, in the US, we offer a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase on all devices that meet the conditions of the Warranty Statement. For all accessories, we offer a 6 months warranty from date of purchase. You can benefit from our Warranty worldwide in every country where the Cat service is available.

Because we believe in the durability of our devices, we now offer a warranty extension of 12 months on the S31, S41 and the newly announced S61 when purchased from an Authorized US Reseller after June 1st 2018.

For a list of Authorized Resellers, click here.


Please contact our dedicated Customer Service team, who can help with your problem or advise of the best and quickest way for your device to be inspected by our Services Experts.

When you contact the Customer Service team, please have your IMEI number to hand. Our Agent will arrange a free Pick up for a date and time that is convenient for you and will email you the label in order for your device to be collected and delivered to the Service Centre. We recommend you use the original packaging or similar protective packaging. Your device will then be inspected by our Service Experts and either repaired or replaced with a suitable equivalent usually within 5 working days of receiving the device.

If your device needs to be sent to one of our Service Centre, please ensure it is backed up to avoid loss of data.

You can find the detailed Warranty information and associated terms & conditions in the Warranty Statement included with your Cat device when originally purchased.

Repair or Replacement Services are provided for 3 years after the end of production.


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In the unlikely event of an in-warranty fault,
contact our Customer Service team
who will be happy to help.