Cat Phones: A Tool for Every Trade

With the addition of the Cat® S48c and Cat® S61 smartphones, our range of innovative smartphones is complete (alongside the Cat S41 and Cat S31).

Sure, these phones are not for everyone. But if you work in tough environments, Cat phones are ideal.

Do you work in a trade or as an engineer, a mechanic, farmer, medic or firefighter, or are you a big sports fan/ adrenalin junkie who spends a lot of time outdoors? These phones ARE for you.

We create our phones specifically for you. Every phone release offers new functionality, real innovation we know will be valued – think thermal imaging and laser measure, powerful battery, improved performance and usability. And of course, every phone is built rugged. That’s the default by the way.

Whilst all these phones have their own special feature or function, they all meet the same high rugged standards.


This group of Cat smartphones are built rugged and carry MIL-Spec 810G rating.

  • They will survive drops, water, dusty and sandy environments
  • They easily handle vibrations and extreme temperature changes
  • They all have powerful batteries and toughened display screens to handle your long day

The Cat S48c goes a step further too (and not just because it carries a little ‘c’ in its name) but because it’s certified for safe use in most hazardous environments.

Rugged certified

They are all IP68 rated phones, and because the Cat S61 and Cat S41 like to show off, they are also IP69K certified.  This means not only can you submerge these phones, they can also withstand close-range high pressure and high temperature water jets.

With strong Corning® Gorilla® Glass screens, glove-on and wet finger tracking you will be able to use this tool in tough environments, in the wettest conditions, and with gloves on.

They also come with a great warranty with screen guarantee.

The list goes on and on.

So, here is the lowdown on what sets the Cat S48c, Cat S61, Cat S31 and Cat S41 apart:


All Cat phones are built to take on tough environments but this Cat S48c is even approved safe to use in the majority of hazardous environments.

This is also the first Cat phone that is available on Sprint and Verizon for all our US customers.

As a business ready phones, the Cat S48c offers the same high rugged standards as all the other phones in our range.

Cat S48c benefits:

  • Powerful battery that lasts for days, not hours
  • Business ready to enable your field force: durable to its core and push-to-talk ready
  • Safe to use in the majority of hazardous environments (Non-Incendive Class1 Div2, Group A-D, T4 certification)
  • Can be submerged in up to 4 feet of water for 35 minutes: use the 13MP camera to take underwater pictures

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Sure, it’s cool to say our Cat S61 has a laser (an inbuilt laser measure to be precise) but other than giving it some great street cred, it also makes the Cat S61 a genuinely useful tool for our customers.

People working in the construction trades like electricians, plumbers and surveyors, engineers and mechanics see real value in this device.

With an upgrade to the thermal imaging capabilities, the new in-built laser distance measure and an indoor air quality monitor make the Cat S61 more than just a phone – it really works as a tool for every trade.

Cat S61 key benefits:

  • Use the laser via the unique Measure app to provide on the job quotes and estimates for materials needed for a job; measure and record an area, distance or height on the job
  • Use thermal imaging for detecting heat loss around windows and doors; spot moisture and missing insulation; identify over-heating electrical circuitry; see inside radiators and identify heating problems
  • Use the indoor air quality monitor via the Air app to measure ambient temperature and humidity levels in a room; use it to warn you of unhealthy levels of VOCs in your work environment (especially useful if you handle solvents, work in paint shops or plastics manufacture

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Much like the Cat S61, the Cat S41 boasts some really useful features. Did you know it has battery share functionality?

Not only does it pack a powerful 5,000mAh battery but it can also share some of this awesome power, should you choose to, with other less lucky phones. But it doesn’t stop there. It can even charge other electrical devices, like a GoPro for example. Can your phone do that?

Cat S41 key benefits:

  • Powerful battery to last through your day
  • Beyond rugged credentials (MIL SPEC 810G, IP68 & IP69K) to survive challenges on the job; handles drops, water, mud, sand, dust, extreme temperatures, vibrations
  • Battery Share function to charge up other devices

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And the appeal of the Cat S31? Well, they say good things come in small packages. This is one hard working phone that won’t let you down.

Like the Cat S41 and Cat S61, this phone is as rugged as the others but just doesn’t feel the need to show off quite as much.

The Cat S31 is a tough phone with a powerful battery. It’s waterproof, dustproof and is IP68 certified too.

It’s a quietly confident phone, and its performance, usability and reliability mean you are getting a phone that gets the work done and provides value for money.

Cat S31 key benefits:

  • Reliable smartphone: with a powerful 4,000mAh battery
  • Valuable glove-on and wet finger tracking screen technology
  • Enduring tough performance: IP68 certified, Mil-Spec 810G

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