OptioLabs and Cat® Phones Partner to Provide Enterprise-Grade Security to the Flagship Cat S60

OptioLabs, a security insight solution provider for the mobile enterprise, has partnered with Cat phones to enforce robust, adaptive, enterprise security and ensure high user productivity in the mobile work environment. OptioCore transforms the Cat S60 into a secure mobile platform that delivers adaptive protection against sophisticated mobile security threats. OptioCore’s platform security capabilities can help enable customers to meet stringent regulatory requirements, and achieve higher levels of platform security assurance. The enhanced security of OptioCore for the flagship Cat S60 will enable enterprise customers to take full advantage of the phone’s unique features, as the world’s first smartphone with integrated thermal imaging, plus the waterproof smartphone is capable of depths of up to 5 meters.

“Enterprises today require security controls that are smarter and more precise for their Android devices,” said Bill Anderson, Chief Product Officer of OptioLabs. “Android open source builds have shown themselves to be vulnerable to repeated security exploits. With OptioCore, mobile device OEMs can provide better device reliability, brand protection and security against malware, rogue employees and privacy-eroding applications while giving enterprises the centralized, fine-grained policy controls they demand.”

“Our Enterprise customers demand high performance devices, and choose Cat phones for their physical robustness, which can now be matched via a secure software solution,” said John Thurgood, Business Development Director at Bullitt Group, provider of the Enterprise-grade flagship Cat S60, the first mobile phone with integrated thermal imaging. “Working with OptioLabs will help us provide software solutions to compliment our hardware, specifically for those operating in regulated markets. This is a natural progression as we look to broaden our appeal to business users globally.”

OptioCore delivers the following security capabilities and benefits to mobile device OEMs and enterprise customers:

  • Enterprise-Grade Security Controls – OptioCore implements security controls that go beyond what is possible with conventional device management tools. While most conventional tools can only control a small set of pre-defined functions, OptioCore controls each of the 3,300 low level system methods in Android – enabling highly sophisticated, narrowly targeted security protections to control undesirable behaviors without affecting general device performance or usability.
  • Adaptive Security Policies – OptioCore empowers enterprises to apply sophisticated, context-sensitive controls. For example, OptioCore can allow enterprise applications to run only when the user is working by evaluating a combination of time, location, network connections and other cues. OptioCore controls are performed automatically to ensure enterprise security objectives are continually enforced.
  • Industry-Specific Compliance – Organizations can meet industry regulations, such as HIPAA and FISMA, with the help of comprehensive controls for mobile devices.
  • Security Reporting & Analytics – Enterprises can track system, application, device and user behavior for their S60 devices to feed data analytics for emerging threats.
  • Platform Resiliency – OptioCore enhances platform performance and reliability by enabling customers to respond and adapt to new, unexpected mobile platform threats.

OptioCore is an integral component of the OptioLabs Security Insight Platform, designed to protect enterprise data across all platforms by intelligently correlating human behavior and digital threat patterns from multiple sources at machine speed.