CAT® Phones Take-Back program


We all need to do our part helping to protect the environment by keeping electronic devices out of our landfills. Many devices still in good condition can be refurbished and reused. Others can be recycled – preventing them from entering a landfill.

Trade-up your old CAT phone for a new model

We will take your CAT device for trade-up to a newer Cat model.

If your phone does not qualify for any of the above programs, check with your local municipality to see what electronic recycling program they may offer.

Lastly, we offer a method to send your device to us for recycling. Use this link to contact our customer services team to request a courtesy shipping label.  Be sure to wrap your device in several layers of bubble wrap to protect the device during shipping and place it into a shipping container.




When turning in your device for trade-up, sale, or recycling, be sure to:

– Backup any data you wish to keep

– Remove the SIM card

– Remove the memory card

– If possible, reset your device to factory default to clear any personal data.


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In the unlikely event of an in-warranty fault,
contact our Customer Service team
who will be happy to help.