The Cat® S48c – ‘No Better Phone’ For Last Mile Delivery Industry


Cat® phones customer, Riccardo Ferree Drago, owner of Drago Fleet, has been in the logistics business for several years and delivers for one of the largest online operations in the world. With 49 routes, 52 vans on the road and deadlines that are tied to a customer guarantee, Drago Fleet cannot afford to have an unreliable handset.

“In this business, phones are constantly being dropped and long days require the best battery life we can get our hands on.”

As an IP68 rated and MIL-SPEC 810G certified phone, the Cat S48c is both waterproof and drop proof – without needing to add a protective case. Drago’s fleet don’t have to worry about accidental drops into a puddle or down a flight of stairs while carrying 50 lbs of packages – giving them complete peace of mind.

The powerful battery of the Cat S48c (4,000 mAh), allows Drago and his fleet to complete 90% of their route without charging the device. With the phone in constant use, from their logistics and delivery platform, various apps, GPS, to bar and QR code scanning and still having battery spare to call, text or email back to dispatch.

Harsh environments are the largest problems for equipment used by delivery drivers, but with a wide operating temperature range from -13F to 131 F, the Cat S48c can easily survive the rapid weather changes in Denver – from rain, snow, sleet, or shine.

Riccardo had previously unsuccessfully tried a wide range of rugged devices, leaving him disappointed and spending more money on repairs or replacements, before the Cat S48c was chosen as their preferred device.

“I’ve used every rugged device out there and, hands down, the Cat phone is just the best, period! Outfitting a fleet is expensive but with Cat phones, I never have to worry because the phones don’t break. If I ever had a problem, I can feel rest assured with their warranty!” – Riccardo Ferree Drago, Owner at Drago Fleet

If you work in the last mile delivery industry, Ricardo believes there is no better phone than the Cat S48c.

Watch the video below to see the full story from Riccardo and how he uses his Cat phone to help his business.