Using Cat phones To #BeUnstoppable: The HVAC Mechanic Story

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here is Chris Hendrick’s story of how his Cat® phone helps him to get his job done.

We met up with Chris in his home town Rowlett, Texas, to find out how his Cat S60 helps him work in the air conditioning industry. Chris has been in the business for 15years and owns one of the best AC companies in Texas, Jett Air. He believes that the thermal imaging camera of his Cat phone is a real game changer.

Using a tough, thermal camera phone

Chris uses the thermal camera to identify restrictions in coils to pinpoint problems easily – something, which you could not do with the naked eye as quickly. He can also take thermal pictures to show customers.

Some AC units are located on rooftops so Chris needs a tough phone that can endure all types of weather. He relies on a phone that will survive falls from varying heights and withstand dirt and debris.

Watch Chris tell his story in his own words in the video below:



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