The Newest Member Of The Cat® Race Team: The Cat S60 Smartphone

It’s not just speed that plays a critical role in NASCAR racing.  Heat can make or break a car’s performance.

Monitoring and controlling the car’s temperature not only keeps the machine running at optimum levels, it also keeps the cockpit and ultimately the driver safe.  That’s why members of the Cat® Racing team rely on the new technology found in the Cat S60 Smartphone to help maintain Number 31.

“The Cat S60 is unlike any smartphone on the market”

The energy produced from the engine, the braking system, drivetrain, and tire operation transfers an enormous amount of heat to all the systems of the car.  The heat has to be channelled and dissipated in the most efficient ways possible to enhance performance and maintain durability.

The Cat S60 has built-in FLIR thermal imaging that allows the crew to monitor the car’s hot spots during daily practices and the races.

“Having the FLIR camera built into the smartphone lets us instantly record images and share them over the cloud,”  Said Luke Lambert, Cat Racing crew chief.  “Also, the built-in software enables us to do simple image analysis right on the phone.  We don’t need additional equipment to process the data.”

The durability of the phone also exemplifies the ruggedness Caterpillar has come to represent.  It’s waterproof and impact resistant which means it can handle any environment.

“The Cat S60 is unlike any smartphone on the market,” said Lambert.  “Having access to this information right on the track, lets us collect and analyze data much faster.  It’s just another tool in our belt we use to gain the competitive advantage.”




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