Using Cat phones To #BeUnstoppable: The Skydiver’s Story

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here is Marcelo’s story about his use and love of his Cat S60.

As a professional skydiver from Baltimore, Maryland, Marcelo needs trusty, reliable equipment to keep him safe. He relies on all his equipment, not just his parachute, to be reliable and useful.

In fact, he takes his Cat S60 everywhere with him- not just skydiving but when he goes scuba diving too, so that he can take underwater photos.

Now that he has a Cat phone, he is able to cut down on how much equipment he has to carry. Before having a Cat phone, he needed a GoPro and a camera and a bag to carry other equipment. With his Cat S60, he needs nothing else to carry.

“Nothing can stop this phone [Cat S60]”

Marcelo believes his phone can do everything. In his own words, he says that “nothing can stop this phone – water, cold, heat – it works everywhere”.

Watch Marcelo’s full story in the video below:


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