Using Cat phones to #BeUnstoppable: Heather’s Story

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here is Heather’s story about how she values the thermal imaging camera of her Cat S60.

In Azle, Texas, we met with Heather Mayer, of Mayers Materials, who runs a composting and soil manufacturing company. In her own words, Heather describes the business as pretty ‘dirty’ with ‘lots of heavy equipment’, which requires her to have a phone that is as durable and tough as her working environment.

The thermal camera of the Cat S60 helps to monitor temperatures

Maintaining the heat of compost piles is absolutely critical to ensure the quality of the products Heather provides to her customers. The thermal imaging camera on her Cat S60 lets her monitor the temperature of her compost piles. It allows her to see any cold spots or find things that are not right in the soil, which is important for her customers to know.

Watch Heather’s story below:


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