Why the Cat® S61 is a Clear Choice for Architect

[vc_row][vc_column][text_block_bullitt]Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here’s how the Cat® S61 smartphone serves as the perfect tool for Daniel Cantrell, an architect and keen water sports enthusiast from Dorset, England.

As all his kit needs to be tough and durable to help him do his daily job, Daniel expects the same from his phone. Waterproof features are especially important to him because he works in all weathers and in his free time enjoys kayaking and sailing. The Cat S61 is just right to meet all of his needs.

An architect’s perfect tool: Cat S61

“I can drop it [Cat S61], it doesn’t break.”

As an architect, Daniel works in rugged environments. Access to areas of a property he has to survey may be quite restricted and either high above ground, or below ground in dark, damp places.

In these conditions, he relies on a tough phone to help him in his work. Drops can happen frequently, and the weather can turn easily too, and his Cat S61 needs to survive all these challenges.

“The thermal imaging has been really helpful.”

Thanks to the Cat S61, Daniel has everything he needs in one place.

The thermal imaging camera, combined with the innovative laser assisted distance measure, means he no longer needs to carry multiple pieces of equipment with him as he goes about his work. As Daniel says, “The thermal imaging has been really helpful.” The thermal camera lets him identify exactly where the leaks in a roof are occurring, saving him lots of time and helping to resolve the problem more quickly.

He can save money by not having to replace easily damaged cameras and he can now leave his tape measure behind too.  And at the end of the day he can go straight down to the beach, tuck his Cat S61 into his wetsuit pocket, jump into his kayak and enjoy time on the water confident that his phone remains waterproof, ready to use if he needs it.

Thanks to the rugged features of the Cat S61, Daniel never need worry again about his phone, whether on land or sea, in his hand or in his pocket.

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