What It Takes To #BeUnstoppable


Follow our crew behind the scenes of our latest product shoot.

An excitable and somewhat apprehensive rugged trio gathered at Heathrow Terminal 5 laden with an impressive array of Cat® branded apparel that could be sighted from space.

The unstoppable escapades had begun…

Day 1: Thursday 20th July

Early start at 5am, we make our way to the coast for first of 25 rugged scenarios.

Mission: to educate and enthral the masses about the capabilities of the new Cat Phones range.

First stop: Muizenberg Bay, an infamous surfing location. Agatha Christie was said to have often enjoyed a surf here. Several fatal shark attacks have been reported here over the years too, but not enough to put us off…

Scene No. 1 –  Paddleboard!

Dark clouds were looming across the bay, and a thick layer of sea mist hung in the air, creating an eerie atmosphere. The rain began to fall, and a powerful riptide was building. The film crew and photographers were busily devising ingenious waterproofing methods to protect their equipment. Drone shots had to be temporarily aborted as a rather volatile and somewhat amorous seagull took a liking to the drone and proceeded to pursue it.

The sea temperature, dutifully measured by the Cat S60, was an offensive 11°C, ideal for our brave wetsuit-clad snorkelers, who proceeded to perform a somewhat professional belly flop into the sea accompanied by a bubble creating mechanism to capture that killer shot.


Scene No. 2 – Zone 7 Motocross Track!

After a morning spent submerged in the water, the cast and crew, suffering with a touch of trench foot, headed to the next location, Zone 7 Motocross Track. The smell of diesel and sound of growling engines filled the air.

An impressive array of aerial tricks was performed by motocross athlete Anthony Raynard, South African National Champion, whose motto is “Quitters never win, Winners never Quit” – a statement so true as he took to the sky in a heroic fashion. Onlookers gawped.

The crew jumped in the back of the “Bucky” and sped off capturing the high-octane stunts head-on from Dirt Biker Anthony.  Then a small but mighty Robot cam, that looked like it belonged in space took centre stage as it raced alongside the bike, nice low angle shots.


Day 2: Friday 21st July

On set at Cape Town Film Studios, motion pictures including Black Sails and Mad Max all shot here.

First up: Electrician. Ideal for a prosumer shoot. Gloves on and up the cherry picker cast and crew go. Close filming quarters. Excellent job done by wardrobe as Architects appear from behind the curtain in smart high-vis rigout. An important aspect to bear in mind with wardrobe is that individuals must be dressed in clothing that resonates across the globe. Easier said than done…

Motorcyclist Engineer. Greasy and gritty scene, he looked like singer-songwriter “WIZZARD” and somewhat of a local legend in the motorcycle world. Perfect guy for the job.

Builder Scene – a great example of how Cat diggers are used and trusted globally. There happened to be one on site, so was positioned proudly in the backdrop. Local builders on site were thrilled to be involved in the scene.


Day 3: Saturday 22nd July

Very cold start to the day at 6am on location at Sir Lowery’s Pass, a 300-year-old farm known as the Vergelegen Estate owned by millionaire Mining Magnate Sir Lionel Phillips. Stunning vast landscape surrounded by mountains, marking the parameter.

An impressive location in which films such as Tomb Raider and The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed. Lush vegetation and rugged terrain were perfect for our shoot!


A wildfire in January of this year had damaged up to 40% of the Vergelegen wine estate, but fire crews and staff managed to save the main buildings and much of the vineyards.
They fought a particularly fierce battle against flames on this historic wine estate, which dates to 1700, and is regularly named as among South Africa’s best wineries. Using this backdrop, we shot our Fireman Scene.

Jumped into the back of the “Bucky” (aka pick-up truck) to next scene, Carpenter / Lumberjack shot in a timber yard. Camera, ready, ACTION…

Makeshift leaf blower combined with a pile of sawdust makes for a fantastic showering sawdust effect.

Endurance Adventure Runner was a great addition and pivotal point in the film as it shows the diversity of the device – it is not only robust but versatile too.

Next up: Fly Fisherman (and Tim the trout co-star) scene. Waders are on and the graceful show begins. A contradictory sight as the fisherman trudges into the water up to his knees and performs a delicate routine of a metronome style elegance as the fly dances across the water imitating that of a real fly enticing the fish. Phone in pocket submerged in the water symbolising its loyalty to the user and that it truly never lets you down. He then proudly captures a selfie with his triumphant trophy fish.


Day 4: Sunday 23rd July

Penultimate Day on the farm, the true grafters and early birds.

We were fortunate enough to witness an impressive display of herding of 500 sheep a rather cinematic experience as they bound and leap in unison. A real synergy between man and sheep was felt. Although slightly envious of their thick winter wool coats as we observed them shivering.

Next, on to Arable Framer who was a Herculean man, stylish in a flat cap and tweed outfit, he embarked on a scene depicting the endless battery life of a Cat phone device as he builds a fence around his land.

Hopped in the wagon onto next set, at a Quarry which had been transformed into a Watersports park and fishing lake. This was the perfect setting for quantity surveyor scene depicting a new road build required around the quarry.
One of the crew members was a trained roofer and had informed us about an app that had been hugely beneficial to his work a pitch gauge, which is an app that calculates the total size and slope of any roof without ever leaving the ground. Saves time and money when ordering tiles. Genius innovation trialled and tested in the phone.

Next, the Plumber Scene and time for the phone’s waterproof features to really shine. Broken pipe requiring some attention, our male plumber springs into action and blocks the torrent of water with the device. Innovative heroism some may say.


Day 5: Monday 24th July

Final day, and what a fine day! Stunning morning at appropriately named Fish Hoek bay Kalk Harbour, for Sea Fisherman Scene. Aboard the infamous Alma Lucie fishing trawler.

The rebellious sea lions waddled over and watched in anticipation as we bundled into the small vessel and meticulously positioned ourselves out of camera sight. Dan, our God like specimen of a man (aka Fisherman), bound in to the boat and was certainly no shrinking violet.

He in fact embodied everything we’re about and if the phone was to be personified it would be him!

We headed out into the bay with engine fumes and a pungent fishing net smell following us. No mean feat clambering over the cramped boat to catch that perfect shot. The captain’s calloused hands are a testament to how tough this job really is. He explained that he only uses handline to catch the fish. True labour of love.

We gained some altitude as we schlepped up a hill for the final scenes, providing us with majestic views of the extreme contrasting areas of wealth and poverty of the city.

Finally, the Paramedic Scene. The unsung heroes of this world, we were honoured to meet and hear the enlightening and inspirational stories from one of the cast, who is a proud user of the Cat S60. He told us of tales of his usage and how the phone has in fact assisted in the saving of 6 people’s lives. Gee Swart is active in an Emergency Disaster response unit team.


To be continued….



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