Get More from the Cat® S61 and Its Features

As the upgrade to the Cat S60, the Cat S61 smartphone comes with two great new features and additional thermal imaging functionality. If you’re new to Cat phones or just want to better understand the Cat S61 features, we have created a series of videos to help you get started.

They cover the Indoor Air Quality Monitor, the Laser Assisted Distance Measure and the upgraded Thermal Imaging functionality in detail, to help get more out of each of these features.

Cat S61: Air Quality Monitor

Discover how the Indoor Air Quality Monitor works on the Cat S61 smartphone.

Watch our videos to understand the information provided by the Air app about VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), humidity and temperature as they are measured over time and how to interpret this data to take the necessary actions.

Watch more Air videos

Cat S61: Thermal Imaging

Discover, in detail, how to maximise the Thermal Imaging capabilities of the Cat S61.

Watch our videos to see how to capture and edit thermal images and video, what the different colour palettes show and how to use the data shown in each image to measure temperature of a specific spot or an area within it.

Create bespoke measurement temperature ranges, find the averages and use the myFlir app to evaluate and share this data with colleagues.

Watch more Thermal Imaging videos

Cat S61: Laser Assisted Distance Measure

Watch our guide on how to use the Laser assisted distance measure feature of the Cat S61. The videos demonstrate the Measure app being used to calculate point-to-point distances and areas of a floor and wall using the laser measure.

Learn how these can then be used to calculate materials needed for a job, to preview what a change will look like within the image or return to the image at a later date to amend the calculations as necessary.

Watch more Laser measure videos

Want to know more? Discover the Cat S61 smartphone


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