How Builders Save Time on Site with Cat® phones

Whilst your Cat phone may not go in the toolbox, it might just be one of the most valuable tools on the job site. Though actually, you could keep it in the toolbox.

Builders and engineers around the world use a range of Cat phones from the S41 to the S60 smartphone, because it makes ‘life easier’.

You’ve heard us tell you many times how useful rugged phones are for builders, engineers and the construction industry in general. Well, you no longer need to just take our word for it!

Interested to find out more? Then, read on.

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Be more efficient with the S60 thermal camera phone

Working as a layout engineer for a local contractor, William believes that the integrated thermal camera of the S60 makes his job easier and saves time.



Know the ideal time for pouring concrete

With the thermal imaging technology in his smartphone, he can quickly identify the ideal setting time for concrete (what he calls the ‘Goldilocks hour’). The faster he knows the setting time, the more efficient the workers on site can be.

Eliminate the need for 3rd party support & never leave the site again

With this technology, William no longer relies on 3rd parties to get involved to test concrete strength and the ability to form at a certain time.

He can now input all data directly into his smartphone, without having to leave the site.

Watch William’s full story below:

Make communication easier with Push-To-Talk (PTT)

With the PTT functionality available on a range of Cat phones from the S60 to the S41, S31, you can ensure you always stay connected with your crew.

The Zello PTT Walkie Talkie is available in the Rugged Work & Tools category of the App Toolbox on all Cat smartphones. Once installed on your device, it can be activated by a push of the programmable side key.

When you are responsible for a large crew of builders, communication is key. The Zello app will help you stay connected with your team of builders and communicate any last-minute changes.

Never miss a call again with Glove-on technology

The glove-on technology available on all Cat phones including the Cat S31, ensures you don’t need to end up playing phone tag for the rest of the day.



If you’re up a ladder, or in an awkward situation with a tool in your hand and gloves on and your phone goes off, you often miss the call by the time you have a chance to put the tools down and remove the gloves.

The touchscreen of your Cat phone will respond even if you are wearing gloves, so you never have to miss a call again!

Relax about dust and water issues 

All Cat phones are either IP67 or IP68 or beyond certified. This means that dust, water and any other air particles on a job site will not damage the phone.

Working on-site comes with a fair amount of exposure to all types of dust. Water is also never too far away, as it is needed for mixing cement, to help run air conditioning units or power generators or for hydrostatic testing of pipes and much more.

Worried about dust filling your microphone and speakers? Or worried about dropping your phone into any number of potential water sources? This is not a problem for Cat phones. Check out the Cat S41.

Stay safe with the SOS button

In hazardous working environments, the SOS button available on the Cat S60 can be a genuine lifesaver.

Working alone or around unprotected trenches or excavations and power lines or high up ladders and scaffolds means personal safety needs to be a top priority on site.

The SOS button is housed under a protective cover to avoid accidental pushes.

Once activated via the curated Location Alert app, it sends a default SOS message and location to your pre-assigned emergency contact.

Are you looking for a reliable and durable phone to use on a job site? Discover our range of Cat smartphones and mobiles.


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