The Cat® S41 is A Winner For Kite Racing Champion

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here’s why the Cat® S41 is the best rugged phone on the market for five-time Kite Racing World Champion Steph Bridge.

“There is not a phone on the market that is more suited to me than the Cat S41.”

In the hands of Steph, her Cat S41 has to endure wet weather, sea mist, salty sea water and sandy beaches and still continue to work.

Watch the video below to hear Steph explain why she loves her Cat S41:

“For what I need to do, the S41 Cat phone is the best phone that there is.”

When you spend most of your time training in the water and the sport is an integral part of your business too, a device that adapts to your lifestyle is key.

The Cat S41 lets Steph switch easily between the outdoors and her business. As she explains, “For what I need to do, the Cat S41 is the best phone that there is.”

A tough phone

Steph describes the phone as “massively robust”.  Thanks to its tough, waterproof features, she can use the Cat S41 in all conditions.

She can, and often does, drop it in the water and uses it with wet hands with zero impact on performance or usability. Not even the salt in sea water can stop the Cat S41. Steph just tucks the phone into her wetsuit’s pocket and off she goes.

When she is not out on the water, Steph enjoys coaching and doing other outdoor activities like mountain biking. The connectivity and reliability (thanks to a powerful 5,000mAh battery) of the Cat S41 mean she can go off road into wild places without any worries.

If you spend most of your time outdoors, whether on land or sea, then the Cat S41 might just be the ideal phone for you.

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