Cat® Phone Proves Lifesaving for Millwright

What was meant to be a routine day for qualified Millwright Gert Smith, nearly turned into his last – if it hadn’t been for his Cat® B15Q smartphone saving his life

Gert, a Technical Manager for the Paving Warehouse in Gauteng, South Africa, was doing a routine repair job when he reached behind the drill of the milling machine and the Rose Bit caught the sleeve of his overall.


In seconds, he realised he was in danger. But unknown to him, his phone was about to save his life. His Cat B15Q was in the left breast pocket of his shirt and as the machine was pulling him in, the phone hit the top section of the machine and took the force of the drill bit – which was aiming straight for his heart.

“If the phone had not been in my pocket, the drill would have torn through my shoulder and heart straight away,” he said.

Gert’s assistant, Bheki, saw what was happening and managed to crawl under and switch the machine off before the drill got through the phone.

Gert sustained broken ribs, lacerations from his elbow to his chest and severe bruising. But he is still here to tell this amazing story thanks to his Cat phone.



The Cat phones team were alerted to the incident when Gert’s wife, Hazel got in touch:

“My husband’s Cat Phone saved his life the other day: when he was working on a milling machine, he was pulled into the machine and if it had not been for his Cat B15Q phone in his top pocket which withstood huge punishment from the machine, he wouldn’t have been able to get himself away. Amazingly his phone still turns on!!! Even though its screen is smashed and the phone is twisted; what a great phone!”

Hazel’s message prompted the Cat phones team to get in touch with her to find out more about the couple’s amazing story. The team were delighted to be able to provide Gert with a brand new Cat S60 to replace his life-saving B15Q, to which he responded: “Thank you very much to you and Cat phones. I will enjoy this phone and I will always think of the Cat phones team when I use it.”

Hazel says that if ever there had to be something said about a Cat phone it needs to be:

“Don’t ever go without one in your pocket, it could just save your life!”

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