Cat® Phones’ Industry Leading Rugged Devices Include Free Screen Repair Under Warranty

Cat phones are designed to be fit-for-purpose in a range of tough environments, eliminating additional repair costs

Cat® phones’ confidence in its industry-leading rugged smartphones includes a market-leading guarantee around screen damage. If a customer manages to accidentally damage or break the Corning® Gorilla® Glass-protected screen on all Cat phones within the warranty period, Cat phones will repair or replace the screen for free. For more information, you can download the Limited Warranty Statement in all languages.

Cat phones customers live and work in tough environments that often test mass market phones beyond their limits, leading to damaged hardware.  Frequent and costly repairs or replacements mean that customers spend much more money over the lifetime of their device than just the initial purchase price.

The epidemic of mobile phone breakage was revealed in a survey of 5,130 Western European consumers1 that showed that 34% of consumers – or one in three – had damaged their mobile phone in the last three years, in a manner that would ultimately require repair or early replacement. Most frequently, damage was sustained through it being dropped, or from water ingress.

These repairs are not cheap. For instance, a single screen repair on the newest flagship smartphones can cost between €151.10 and €361.10, while for ‘other damage’ for example, from liquid or water damage, or broken buttons, repairs can cost up to €641.10. Not to mention the costs associated with the inconvenience of having a damaged, or potentially unusable phone.

Rugged Cat phones offer better value for money by reducing these additional costs and extending the useful life of the phone. Designed to be fit-for-purpose in a range of tough environments, feature-rich Cat rugged devices offer a level of toughness that protects against hardware failure due to drop-related damage and liquid or dust ingress.

A study by Rocket Consulting found that 35-40% of consumer devices are replaced within two years of purchase, 80% and more after three years. The corresponding figures for their rugged counterparts, which can often last substantially longer, are 8% and 20% respectively. In terms of total cost of ownership, a rugged device can be upwards of 40% more cost effective than a mass market consumer smartphone.

1 Source: Bullitt Group Research and YouGov, Damage Report 2017, (5,130 Respondents)

About Cat devices and accessories

The Cat brand stands for trust, durability, reliability and quality. The Cat DNA is found in every Cat mobile phone and accessory offered by Bullitt Mobile Ltd. and provides boundless experience with robust mobility.

Our products are created for wireless communication using the latest technology to meet a variety of needs of a demanding lifestyle and won’t let you down. To find out more about what Cat phones and accessories are made of, visit

About Bullitt Group

Bullitt Group helps global brands extend their product portfolios into new categories, particularly in the connected devices market. We design, manufacture, market and sell products under license for our brand partners.

Since its formation in 2009, Bullitt Group has designed, manufactured and distributed millions of mobile phones, audio products, other connected devices and related peripherals to more than 70 countries across the globe.

Bullitt is the global licensee for Cat (Caterpillar Inc.) and Land Rover for mobile phones and related peripherals. Bullitt Group’s Head Office is in Reading, England with additional office locations in Taipei (Taiwan), Shenzhen (China), Charlotte (USA) and Singapore.



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