Rugged Cat® S60 Smartphone Helps Pig Farmers Improve Productivity and Efficiency

The integrated thermal camera of the Cat S60 allows users to obtain thermal images that come loaded with instant data, which makes it easier for farmers to make corrections and achieve the proper functioning of their equipment, ensure that the animals are comfortable, and increase overall profitability of their farming business

Buenos Aires, Argentina January 22, 2019 – The buildings used for running modern pig farms are complex structures that must have the architectural design and climate control system that allow ranchers to maximize genetic, health, and nutritional advances available today. As part of the pig farmer’s daily routine, being able to capture and interpret thermal images inside the pig house offers a unique value and makes it easier to document all recommendations with thermal pictures or videos.

Cat S60 thermal imaging in pig farming | Cat phones

For many farmers, ensuring that their animals are comfortable in their pig pens has always been a big challenge, but thanks to the use of thermal imaging technology, which used to be prohibitively expensive, today it is more manageable thanks to this Cat smartphone’s embedded tools. Applying technology through the use of the Cat S60 to the climate control system in pig houses allows farmers to provide comfortable environments for the animals during their stay, which improves productivity and energy efficiency, allowing farmers to make their business more profitable.

Sebastián Ratto, Argentine technician specializing in pig farm production, and who in recent years has devoted his professional career to the study and interpretation of the interaction between the pig and its surroundings, currently works for Proteinum® getting pig farms off the ground. He is implementing the technology to improve productivity and energy efficiency in these facilities.

With a presence throughout Latin America, Proteinum® is currently working in Paraguay on its main project, where it is involved in all phases of developing a pig farm with 2,500 sows under European standards of animal welfare and with a projected inventory of 20,000 sows. The company develops high performance projects applying world-class standards through an accurate and innovative method of parametric design. It specializes in pig farms and works under the concept of a working farm.

To be able to correctly manage temperature control equipment in a pig house, it is necessary to have the technical information and perform the correct calculations and data analysis to avoid both wasting energy and losing productivity. Through the technology available in the Cat S60, it is possible to obtain thermal images loaded with data instantly, which allows ranchers to make changes and adjustments to make sure the equipment is working properly and ensure the most comfortable environment for the pigs.

Pig farming using thermal imaging on Cat S60 | Cat phones

In my case specifically, I was looking for two separate tools and found them both in the Cat S60. On the one hand, I was looking for a rugged phone, because due to the type of work I do, my previous phones did not last more than six months. On the other hand, I was looking for a thermal camera that would allow me to take pictures and interpret the environment inside the pig houses,” explains Ratto.

  • Being able to detect (hot or cold) air leaks in pig houses with climate control systems with negative pressure is fundamental and, thanks to the thermal camera images, very simple. Below are some examples:

Thermal imaging with Cat S60 | Cat phonesCat S60 thermal imaging | Cat phones

  • The areas with a risk of developing condensation are identifiedIncorrect temperature levels are detected in the equipment, which allows the farmer to avoid future repairs and prevent efficiency losses
  • The structural quality and uniformity in the roof of the shed is observed, which makes it possible to diagnose thermal bridges
  • Early detection of obstructions, structural assembly deficiencies and faults in the evaporation panels is possible
  • Areas of deficient thermal insulation are pinpointed, which in the summer months will cause an increase in temperature and in the winter will create areas of condensation
  • Faults are discovered in the electrical installation
  • The use of thick-film sprinklers in animals is monitored and analyzed
  • Among other things, heat zones for piglets in farrowing and weaning stages are quickly observed

Finally, Ratto declares that “Due to its rugged features, this phone allows users to comply with all the biosecurity measures prior to entering farms (disinfection).”

Features of Cat S60

• First phone in the word with FLIR® ‘s exclusive MSX thermal camera technology
• Can measure temperatures from -20 °C to 120 °C. *
• The world’s most waterproof smartphone: can survive depths of 5 m for for up to 60 minutes
• 13 MP dual flash underwater rear camera and 5 MP front camera
• Drop-proof to 1.8m, MIL Spec 810G
• Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 ultra-bright screen
• Capacitive multi-touch 4.7” HD screen that can be operated with gloved hands or wet fingers
• Large capacity battery (3,800 mAh)
• Operating system: Android

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