Under the Pole with the Cat S60

The Cat S60 smartphone was recently pushed to the limit by the crew of an underwater exploration expedition called Under the Pole (UTP). This crew of divers and scientists is currently on a three-year expedition sailing around the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Their aim is to explore and better understand our oceans whilst raising awareness of the impact of climate change.

During this journey, the team and their schooner, the ‘WHY’, face fog, compact sea ice and some of the roughest seas on earth as they sail and dive in extreme, dangerous seas in aid of scientific research.

Ghislain Bardout, Director of the UTP Expeditions, has a Cat S60 onboard with him and the team. In an environment where it is always wet and damp, he knows he can rely on this waterproof, IP68 smartphone and not worry about damage or water ingress – that’s pretty useful on board a schooner.

Ghislain says, this is a ‘Very useful phone for working everywhere, through any environment. Rugged, waterproof. We can put the S60 everywhere under any conditions without stress!’

A rugged phone made to survive extreme environments

We love to see Cat phones used in real-life, harsh environments to prove how rugged and tough they are.

See the latest updates from the Under the Pole III expedition, in pictures:

A robust device with very long battery life, the Cat S60 is incredibly reliable on board:

The waterproof, IP68 phone will work in the rain or when splashed with salt water, ideal for use on board:

Bardout and his team use the thermal camera to find where the thermal bridge is on board and to show where the divers feel the cold after a polar dive.

The Cat S60 is made to survive extreme conditions and temperatures that the crew of the schooner also face, including travelling through compact ice seas:

You can follow the progress of the Under the Pole III expedition right here.



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