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If you’re a Cat S60 owner using thermal imaging to help locate and diagnose issues with plumbing, electrics or in engines, for example, you’ll already know what we are talking about.

Our Cat phone customers regularly give us feedback about what they need in their Cat phone to get the job done and we think the Cat S61 does just that.

With upgraded software, enhanced thermal imaging, and rugged credentials you can rely on, this phone should be a natural choice for those of you who already use the Cat S60 and want some more fire power in your tool box.

Upgrade now to the Cat S61 smartphone.

Comparing the Cat S60 and Cat S61

Time then to look at these two awesome phones and show you why it’s time to choose the Cat S61.

Let’s talk thermal

For the Cat S60 fans amongst you, you’ll be very familiar with the thermal imaging camera.

Cat S60 versus Cat S61 smartphone | Cat phonesIn the Cat S61, thermal images have been made even sharper, with added colour palettes and higher resolution (with images now displayed in HD versus VGA in the Cat S60). This makes it easier to interpret what’s shown on the screen and diagnose problems.

We know our customers use thermal imaging for detecting heat loss around windows and doors; spotting moisture and missing insulation; identifying over-heating electrical circuitry; and to see in complete darkness. Plumbers, like Anthony Crossman, also use it to see inside radiators and identify heating problems.

Using the thermal camera on Cat S61 | Cat phonesIt’s always better when you can show your customers clear visual evidence, whether image or video evidence of the problem or issue they are facing and that needs sorting out.

We also heard from customers who wanted to share what they could see on their thermal camera with other colleagues or, for example, with their control centre to help them better read and assess different images and heat signatures.  With the Cat S61 you can live stream video from your thermal camera so that others can see what you see and help you do the job even better in real -time.

Taking the temperature up

The embedded thermal imaging camera on the Cat S60 was a world’s first and could measure temperatures up to 120°C degrees.  However, some of our customers asked for more.  They needed an extended temperature range. Enter the Cat S61, which can now locate a heat source up to 400°C!

So, what we’re saying is that the Cat S61 can help make your job easier and do it better. Watch our videos to see how you can get the best out of thermal imaging on the Cat S61.

Let’s talk lasers

We’ve put an inbuilt laser assisted distance measure into the Cat S61.  It can be used to provide on the job quotes or materials estimates for any job. So, if you need to measure an area, distance or height on the job, everything you need is all in one place.

Laser measure on the Cat S61 | Cat phones

For architects like Daniel Cantrell, this additional in-built laser measure means he can significantly reduce the amount of equipment he has to carry around on-site. This is especially handy when you have to work at height.

With the on-device Measure app, you can save the measurements on an image and then use the saved image as a reference for quotes or even to generate additional measurements later – a genuine time saver.

Watch our videos on how to use the Measure app.

Battery life

With even more battery power, you don’t need to worry about finding and staying close to a power source.

The Cat S61 comes with a dependable 4,500mAh battery compared with 3,800mAh on the Cat S60. In other words, this phone will last you through your long working days.

What about air quality?

The indoor air quality monitor may at first appear a bit of a quirky addition, but Cat phone customers requested it and it serves important purposes.

Air quality monitor on Cat S61 | Cat phones

It will help you understand the air quality in your immediate environment when working indoors, prompting you to take action, if necessary, to protect your health. The types of places where this is critical for example is in paint shops, in plastics manufacture or if you handle solvents.

The air monitor can also measure ambient temperature and humidity levels in a room, another handy measurement, where your work environment requires specific temperature or humidity levels – win, win.

Watch our videos on how to get the most out of the Air app.

Waterproof to a new level

The Cat S60 had some impressive underwater credentials with its IP68 rating.  But, the Cat S61 goes even further.

The Cat S61 is rated both IP68 & IP69K. This means it can handle being fully submerged in up to 3m of water for 60 minutes AND can also withstand a power wash from high water pressure or steam, with no impact on usability and performance. Boom!


The Cat S61 runs on the latest Android version (Google Android™ Oreo), which provides improved security features, usability enhancements and less drain on battery life. And, we will upgrade the Android OS in time.

Rugged to the core

It is impossible to talk about Cat phones without mentioning rugged. The Cat S61, like the S60 carries the Mil-Spec 810G rating, are drop tested 1.8m onto concrete, is waterproof, sand, dust and dirt resistant and has a Corning® Gorilla® Glass toughened screens. The Cat S61 is rugged as rugged phones come.

Upgrade now to the Cat S61 smartphone.

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