Using Cat phones to #BeUnstoppable: The Firefighting Teacher’s Story

Continuing our Unstoppable Stories series, here is Andy’s view on the role his Cat S60 plays in the safety of firefighters.

In Goldsboro, North Carolina, we met with Andy Cabrera, who is an instructor for the Wayne Country Public School Fire Academy. Before he was a firefighter, Andy was always a teacher, so this job is perfect for him. It combines his love of teaching with his new career as a professional firefighter.

He is keen to teach new recruits how to be light and quick and rely on ‘solid’ equipment to stay safe and get the job done – and, this is where the Cat S60 plays a big role.

For firefighters, their phones are their ‘last line of defence’

Andy tells us that the number one complaint of firefighters relates to radio systems. Whilst these are great to work over long distances, inside a house or any kind of structure, signals get lost really easily. But firefighters depend on connectivity and communication to talk to each other and find each other, and if this is not possible then lives are put at stake. With the Cat S60, Andy knows he can stay connected in any situation.

Watch Andy’s story below: