Upgrade to the Cat® S61: Why it Was an Easy Decision

[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][text_block_bullitt]“The decision was clear”: that’s why the upgrade to the Cat® S61 was inevitable for plant mechanic Billy.

Watch the video below to see why Billy, a qualified plant mechanic trained in sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology, would recommend the Cat S61 to tradesmen and also “to anyone who wants a cool and rugged smartphone.”

The Cat S61 offers essential support

Whilst the Cat S61 was the world’s first smartphone with thermal imaging technology, waterproof up to 5 meters and 1.8 meters drop proof, and an essential tool, Billy can no longer imagine his daily job without the new Cat S61:

I was very satisfied with the S60. But I just had to upgrade to the S61. Thanks to the indoor air monitor, the distance measurement and the improved thermal imaging camera, the decision was clear.”

The in-built indoor air quality monitor on the Cat S61 monitors the quality of the air in the rooms where Billy works. It indicates unhealthy concentrations of indoor air pollutants (e.g. varnishes and solvents), measures temperature and humidity. “That’s very practical,” praises Billy. “Because we often work in very overheated rooms where the air is very bad.”

 The laser-assisted distance measurement is similarly helpful in his everyday work, “because I often have to know how far objects, walls or pipes are away from me”.

The Cat S61 is not just for tradesmen

Cat S61 on the job site | Cat phones

With the integrated thermal imaging camera of the Cat S61, heat sources of up to 400°C can be detected – even in complete darkness – and humidity, leaks, short circuits or blockages can be identified.

“I often install heaters and place heating pipes. When there’s water in the pipes that’s warmed up, I want to be aware of the temperature,” says Billy, who also loves the ultra-bright flashlight on his Cat S61.

 Find out more about the benefits of the Cat S61 smartphone.[/text_block_bullitt][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]


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