The Cat® S61: Cave Exploration Made Easier With Thermal Imaging

[vc_row][vc_column][text_block_bullitt]For this instalment in our Unstoppable Stories series, we speak to Speleologist Damir, who spends his days exploring and monitoring the uncharted caves of Croatia, to find out how the Cat S61® smartphone is the ideal companion for him.

His love for cave exploration began 22 years ago, the very first time he entered a cave with his hiking school. He even describes it as “love at first sight”.

“Think of caves as the eighth continent, which is completely unexplored.”

Damir needs a rugged phone that can adapt to the environments inside the caves, which he can only define as “rough and vicious”. With help from the thermal imaging camera, he can locate cave entrances and even detect and count the wildlife he encounters.

Keeping himself light is vital for Damir’s explorations. The Cat S61’s durability and reliable long-life battery eliminates the need for him to carry additional devices like a GPS device, handheld torch, or laser distance measure.

One of his favourite features though, is the ability to take photos underwater. This is no challenge for the IP69k rated Cat S61, which can be submerged down to 3 meters for 1 hour.

“That is why I recommend it to everybody. It’s the perfect phone for cavers.”

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Discover the Cat S61 smartphone and how it could be the perfect phone for you.[/text_block_bullitt][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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